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Our Pet List

Support This Site Purchasing rescue t-shirts, calendars and more helps support ACD rescue. The sale of these t-shirts will benefit rescue to ensure we are able to help more ACDs find life long, loving homes in 2007!

Who We Are

Heeling Hearts Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is dedicated to help find new homes for dogs that have been abandon or can no longer be cared for by their owners. Our highest priority are Australian Cattle Dogs at high risk. Such as, dogs that are at shelters that have limited space and are at risk of being euthanized. All of our dogs are altered, fully vaccinated and microchipped before an adoption takes place. We adopt to active homes that will make the Australian Cattle Dog a complete part of the family. We direct our potential adopters to research the breed fully before considering adoption. Please visit for information about the Australian Cattle Dog.

Adopting a friend

Heeling Hearts ACD Rescue requires a home visit and signed contract before an adoption can take place. We are unable to accommodate adoptions beyond the Northwest because of this. Our contract does stipulate that an obedience class be completed with the newly adopted dog soon after the contract is signed. As for many active, intelligent breeds people sometimes don't realize what they are taking on when they bring an ACD into their home. For this reason and others, it is one of the MANY purebred dogs that end up in animal shelters across the United States. Adopting a rescue ACD can bring countless hours of joy to someone that is dedicated and ready to add an active member to their family.

Come Visit Us!

Our organization is strictly a foster network. To meet the dogs in our program you must make an appointment by emailing Brooke at More info about our organization at -
Heeling Hearts Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

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