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We have lots of different breeds of dogs available for adoption, mostly small breeds, we spay/neuter all of the dogs before they go to new homes, all dogs and puppies are 100% current on there shots and worming including Rabies vaccine, all dogs and puppies are microchiped , all dogs have there teeth cleaned if needed, we make every effort to ensure that the adoption process is as easy as possible for the adoptive family and the dog, if any dogs turns out to be unsuitable for your family withing 10 days of adoption you can return for a full refund of the adoption fee. We will take back any dog any time in its lifetime if the adoptive family can not keep it for any reason.

Who We Are

Cornucopia Rescue is a licensed Washington State non profit dog rescue, we rescue dogs from any situation where dogs need help, everything from dogs in danger  of being euthanized, to dogs who have lost there family due to death or loss of there home. Dogs from breeders that no longer want them

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We dont have regular business hours, but your welcome to give me a call 7 days a week to make arrangements to come meet the dogs, please call first to make sure someone is here (253) 843-2172

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