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Northwest Boxer Rescue is looking for foster homes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.  The more foster homes we have, the more Boxers we can save!

Please go to our website: www.nwboxerrescue.org for more information!

Adopting A Friend

Completing an application is the first step in adopting a boxer from NWBR. We try to respond to the request as soon as possible and contact you by phone once we have received the application. Tell us what dog you are interested in on the application. We are glad to answer any questions you have. We want to get to know you and make sure the dog you adopt is the right wiggle butt, not just a dog. It is not only important that you will be happy with your new family member but that your new family member has found their perfect forever home. Many of our dogs come from rough backgrounds and deserve great homes. We spend a lot of time with these guys and try very hard to get to know them as well as we can.

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A representative from the rescue may come to your home or we will ask for pictures of your yard. This is not a time for the rescue to judge you or your home. We are there to make sure the dog has a safe environment, a fenced yard and is not going to be left outside or tied up on a chain.



Up to 1 year old: $400-$500
2 years - 6 years old: $200-350
7+ years old: $0 - adoption fees are waived


These fees are based on various things such as age, medical needs, etc. of our dogs.  We feel that all Boxers need and deserve forever homes.  For seniors, we ask for a donation only, but waive the adoption fee so that your funds can be spent caring for your pup and providing top of the line care.


When coming to meet your new friend we do suggest that you bring a few things. If there are other dogs in the house, we ask that you bring them with you so there will be a smooth transition and we know the dogs will do well together. It would be helpful if all members of your family come and meet the dog as well. Please bring a collar and leash.

Who We Are

Our Backstory:
The Stjern family founded NWBR in 2011 after rescuing Paris and Bane:  two Boxers several years apart, in desperate need of a loving home.  Scars and torture marks indicated tough histories for these two, but it didn't stop them from accepting love and becoming part of the family.  Since then, NWBR has grown beyond Eastern Washington and now has foster homes in 5 states.  We take in roughly 400 Boxers a year in various states of health, and temperment.  Through supporters like you, we are able to provide medical care and training, while also providing a loving foster home and family for each and every dog.  

Surrendering a dog:

If you or someone you know need help re-homing their boxer, that's what we are here for. We ensure that your boxer will only go to a qualified home. We make it easier on you to let go and give you confidence that the dog will be well cared for after you say goodbye.

We respect your decision to let go and we do not look down on you but rather make it an easier more comfortable process for both you and your beloved pet! We understand that sometimes you just don't have any other choice than to let go of your animal. Using our help will make sure the dog is safely re-homed and re-homed to a family that is a good fit.

Every prospective home is screened, has a home inspection (prior and post adoption), and has to meet certain criteria. The new home also signs a contract that if any reason it doesn't seem to work out the dog has to be returned to us, not given away. Let us know if we can help in any way..

Come Visit Us

While we do not have a shelter, we do try as best we can to meet you in a middle spot to have you come meet a potential boxer. 

All of the dogs we currently have available for adoption are listed here on Pet Finder!

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