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Welcome to our Petfinder account. 

First and foremost we want to educate the public in the proper ferret care and needs.

Please stay tuned as we build our rescue and also excuse our computer skills - or rather lack there of.

Adopting A Friend

Adoption fees are $65 for singles and $100 for pairs or trios.  An adoption form must be signed. 

Please see our website for more adoption requirements.  Most importantly you must be able to buy the right food and find the time to spend with the ferret.


Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit group dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of behavioral ferrets and others in need of new homes. 
We cannot save them all but for those that are terminal, we are able to provide a loving, safe, pain-free last days.
Our group is still in the working on gathering members so please stand by as we are "under construction".  We have ferrets available, in rehab and can discuss surrenders on a case-by-case basis.
If you would like to become part of our rescue network, just let us know.  We can discuss possible foster homes and other ideas to help with our group.

Come Visit Us

Please contact us for home visits.  Either just to look and learn or to adopt.

Thank you

Contact Sammy's Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue and Rehab


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