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If you are looking for a Border Collie,  please go to www.pnwbcrescue.org and check out the many Border collies that are listed there.    Our fosters are always listed there as well as petfinder with a link.  This is where you fill out an application to adopt one of our foster dogs.

We will soon be posting a male BC,  Male 1 year old   and 2 female pups, coming today ( father's day )  for adoption.l  The pups are only 6 weeks old  now so will be evaluated over a couple of weeks then posted for adoption at 9 to 10 weeks old.    

Adopting A Friend

Adopting a dog or pup is a huge step,   It is a lifetime commitment for you,  the lifetime of the dog.     Farm breeds of dogs usually live for 12 to 16 years.

Farm breeds are thinking dogs and need mental exercise as much as physical exercise.   Learning games and tricks make excellent indoor activities that exercise the brain.


Who We Are

We are a small rescue who fosters Border Collies and Border Collie mixes and some Australian Shepherds  In Moses Lake, WA.   WE foster for Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue most of the time.    Border Collies for the entire North west can be found on www.pnwbcrescue.org

for other breeds go to www.spdrdogs.org   

Contact Pat  at tolepat1954@gmail.com   or at 509 750 8922

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