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We're wagging our tails, in anticipation of some point in time when homeless, abandoned and surrendered animals won't be slaughtered at "shelters", and all companion animals would be adopted. The Rottweilers under our care are here because a human has somehow failed them in the past. We're not interested in "getting rid" of these wonderful animals, our commitment to them is to attract a home that we feel best meets the needs of each individual dog. Using the information you provide, our goal is to suggest which Rotts could be potentially good blends with your lifestyle, energy, time, personalities and other animals. It could be that there are several suitable dogs and other times there may not be any that we feel would be appropriate. Many of our Rottweilers are in Sanctuary and are not posted, that doesn't mean that they might not be perfect for specific circumstances and people with breed experience. That doesn't mean someone who's had a few Rottweilers in their lives. It means compassion, understanding, wisdom and the ability to handle seriously stressed and abused animals.
If you've been considering adoption, it's a decision you'll never regret! Just think of adding a sparkle to your life with one of our Happy Tail guys or gals waiting to wag exclusively for you. Please visit our web site for the latest information and other interesting pages full of great information.. Happy Tails Rescue

Our adoption process has been developed & refined by our Board of Directors and we follow it to the letter, resulting in a long history of successful adoptions using this method. The adoption process begins with your Adoption Application, found on our website. We are available by appointment only, and after you have been approved for adoption. Uninvited drop ins will not be accommodated. Our Adoption Application is available to copy/paste and email to us . We will require a vet or other reference and small size jpg <350 k photos of your property & fence. Your adoption application will generate a response from us once all of your information and photos have been received. If you just send an application without the photos, it will be placed on hold.

Thanks for your visit, we appreciate your interest in adoption! Happy Tails doesn't provide computer, or digital camera, lessons, and as lovers of nature we won't mail out paper applications. If you're unable to complete your application in our required format, then ask someone to help you. Please respect that we limit our phone time because of the cost and high volume of contacts, we return Emails within the week normally, but do not return phone calls. We are a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Charity, your donations are tax deductible

The standard pound arrangement of caged animals with people walking the aisles staring at them creates a highly stressful environment and is an unacceptable method of allowing a companion Rottweiler to select you. For this reason we respect the privacy and emotional stability of our animals and don't offer public viewings. At any given time we have animals in rehabilitation or living in sanctuary so our responsibilities include many more animals than the ones posted.

We're holistic and treat ourselves and our Rotts to the best natural care, including herbal blends, tinctures, salves, acupuncture, massage and other traditional, natural remedies.

We encourage those who adopt from us to become informed about the heavy metals, contaminants, by products and other contaminants most commercial dog foods, including some of the more expensive major brands contain.

We hope to attract families that share similar concepts in caring holistically for their four legged family members. Dogs that come to us "fully vaccinated" are given homeopathic nosodes to help detoxify them from the heavy metals and toxins contained in all vaccines. Adopting a life long companion and faithful friend, is a wonderful opportunity. Please consider your choice carefully. You can get a copy of our ADOPTION APPLICATION from our web site, just copy/paste and email it back to us. The web site: Happy Tails Rescue Donations vary, but are a minimum of $345.

If you are interested in pure organic & wildcrafted products, such as salves, shampoos, flea remedies, herbal tinctures, essential oils, body butters, immune support, skin care, without ANY artificial ingredients or toxins, that are formulated for ALL living creatures (humans too) please visit our Organic & WildcraftedFarmacy, http://www.happytailsrescue.com/WildcraftedFarmacy.html. You can feel good about doing business with us. Our collections are unique in that : There are ZERO artificial ingredients, profits help save lives and support our rescue, they are formulated for ALL animals..

Purchases you make from Happy Tails owned websites help support Happy Tails. Why not visit: Natural Health Home Remedies
International Chocolate Bar Association

We're located in Goldendale, Washington in The Columbia River Gorge area, about 2 hours from Portland, Or. A beautiful drive from just about anywhere.
Happy Tails Rescue
Goldendale, WA 98620
Our adoption process is via Email and we check it daily. Due to backlog it can take several days to hear from us....>
Email: toni@happytailsrescue.com
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