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The Pierce College Veterinary Technology Program will hold its annual pet adoption event on May 4-7, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event is held in conjunction with National Pet Week and was concerted by the program to find adoptive homes for the dogs and cats that have been used in veterinary technician student training over the past academic year. Veterinary Technology Program students set up an adoption table on the 4th floor of the Cascade Building next to the cafeteria in the Fort Steilacoom campus. Anyone interested in adopting an animal must sign up in person at the adoption table during the designated times. All of the animals are spayed or neutered, current on all vaccines, and have ID microchips. There is a $20 transfer of ownership fee for each animal. Individual profiles of the animals available for adoption are listed to the right. Detailed questions about individual animals or the adoption process will be answered by personnel at the adoption table.

Adopt A Friend

These requirements are in place to help match you with one of our foster pets and to ensure they go to a forever home.

(1) Must be 21 or older. Please provide WA state photo ID.
(2) Must live in the state of Washington.
(3) If renting, must provide landlord's name and phone number. I will call and check to make sure you're within your limits and breed restrictions.
(4) Must be within city/county requirements for # of licensed pets per person/household and breed restrictions. If you're not sure what you're limit is or if there are any breed restrictions, please go online and check the requirements for your city/county
(7) Current pets must be spayed / neutered unless your pet(s) are registered to a breed club and/or are actively showing. Proof of registration is required.
(8) I do not give pets as gifts unless the receiver is fully aware and can follow all areas of "Adopting a Friend"
(9) If you plan on moving within 1 year, depending on circumstances, WPAR may not be able to release a pet to you until the move has taken place. This is for the animals safety!
(10) Fill out an application for the pet(s) you're interested in. Applications will be dealt with in the order they're received / first come first serve. You may request an application by sending me an email. Applications typically take 24-48 hours to process so the sooner you submit one the sooner I can process it.
(11) Must agree to a home visit.
(12) Fill out Adoption Contract once application has been approved and home visit or other requirements have been met.
(13) Each animal will be accompanied by a nonrefundable adoption fee, which must be paid at the time the contract is filled out.
(14) Some animals may have additional requirement. These requirements must be met prior to adoption and will be listed in the pet's profile.

Who We Are

EIN: 27-3002800 UBI: 603-031-314

Wolf Pack Animal Rescue (WPAR is a Washington state nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue of local, domestic dogs and occasionally other animals. This is a small, privately owned rescue. WPAR works with local shelters, veterinarians, and pet owners who can no longer provide for their pets. What makes WPAR unique is that it strongly focus' on matching the right family with their new animal companion to ensure a life long home for that pet. Foster pets have the opportunity to live in a home environment so we can learn how the pet will do in another home. A screening process is enforced to help kick start a life long bond between the animal and adopters, who will take responsibility for the animalís well being, for the rest of its life. After adoption, follow up contacts are made to check in and see how the pet is getting along in its new home. At any time, the new owner can give updates, ask questions, or hash out problems that may have arisen, so they may be solved before they get too serious.

Owner Surrenders:
Owner surrendered pets are accepted as space allows

WPAR is not equipped to take in feral cats at this time. If you have a feral cat(s) that you wish to rehome, please contact South County Cats below. Take the animal to your local veterinarian/shelter and have it scanned for a micro chip first! If it's owner can't be found, strays in Pierce County MUST be taken to the Tacoma Humane Society. The sooner you take them to the humane society, the better chance their owner will find them. Post the area the animal was found in so their owners might know where to look. Do not post pictures of the found animal on websites like craigslist because anyone can claim the animal! In Pierce and King County, the animal will not be euthanized as long as it isn't overly aggressive. Animals taken to the Puyallup Metro Animal Shelter will be euthanized to make room for other animals.

WPAR is not licensed for wildlife rehabilitation. Please contact your local sanctuarey so the best care can be provided for any abandoned / Injured wildlife. Please do not feed found wildlife! Feeding them may actually kill them! Some resources:
Sarvey Wildlife
PAWS Wildlife
Feather Haven
South Sound Critter Care

Where else can I look for a new pet?

WPAR highly recommends the following rescues:

Puyallup Animal Rescue
Rescue Every Dog
South County Cats
Cascade Animal Protection Society
Chihuahua Rescue and Referral
Denises Delightful Dookers
Old Dog Haven
Greyhounds Pets, Inc
Dane Outreach
Misspits Rescue
Washington German Shepherd Rescue

In addition, consider your local animal shelter!

Wolf Pack Animal Rescue
Tacoma, WA
Email: wolfpackanimalrescue@hotmail.com
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