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Please understand we spend all of our available resources and time saving dogs from death. We are all volunteers. Please fill out an application if you have an interest as then we can approve you to adopt any pup/dogs from us. There is no point in sending in an inquiry w/o an application, as we cannot consider someone or have them meet a dog until we have approved your application. You can ask questions in the application. We think we are most reasonable to adopt from, all we ask is you will provide a loving and supportive home as a pet guardian for the dogs entire life. If something major unforeseen occurs you will always return the dog to us, never to a shelter or anyone else. If the dog is ever to go anywhere but back to us, we do need to approve that person/family beforehand.

Who We Are

We foster dogs for other rescues. Only on rare occasions do we bring in rescues ourselves to rehome. All the support comes from ourselves so we happily will take donations or larger adoption fees to help us continue what we do. When we pull from other places often others pay boarding fees, etc so any and all donations to us,  we pass onto others so they can continue to save more dogs.

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