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“Stable Rock Rescue”


A Washington Nonprofit Corporation

I.R.S. Designation 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Call (509) 443-3769 or E-mail stablerockpoms@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.stbrc.webs.com/



We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in

Spokane, Washington

and established for the purpose of

rescuing purebred Pomeranians.


Our Mission Statement:

Our goal is to rescue purebred Pomeranians who for one reason or another are in need of a new home, to rehabilitate them, find them a Forever Home ideally suited to their needs, and to promote and educate our volunteers, the new owners, and the public regarding safety, good health, responsible dog ownership, and hopefully to inspire them to get involved with activities with their new family member such as Hiking, Obedience Training, Rally, Agility, Nose Work, or other active sports for dogs and their owners. 


Where do these Dogs come from?
*Owners give them up for various reasons such as children who are now allergic to dogs, death in the family, moving to a new home, etc.
*Animal Control or the Humane Society calls for someone to take the dog.
*They are not purchased from a pet shop, puppy mill, or auction in order to “save” them, nor has anyone paid for the dog. 

What kind of dogs are the
y?  *** (See Current Restrictions below)
*Most are “pet quality” dogs ranging from 1 year to 9 years old.
*They usually weigh 15 pounds or less. 

*They have good temperaments and most are housebroken. 
*They will be examined by our veterinarian for general health and given a “report card”, spayed/neutered, brought

 up-to-date on shots, wormed, microchipped, and given flea prevention. 

How do the Dogs get from one home to anothe
  *Most commonly, the dog goes through one or more forms of foster care: 
“the pound,” a foster home with us, and finally a new permanent home.


*Each dog is evaluated for suitability for adoption into a particular home.
*Each home is evaluated for suitability for adoption in general and for the particular dog under consideration for it.
*We do a thorough screening of potential adopters including an application with references checked, a home visit, and a contract must be signed stating the responsibilities of the new owner to the dog, as well as follow up visits after the adoption to see that all is going well with the rescue’s new home.

***No DOG is placed through our Rescue without being spayed or neutered.***

What money is involve
* Costs include immunizations, microchipping, medical treatments, spay/neuter and sometimes dental care.
* A donation is requested from the new owner to help with expenses for all the dogs.
* Individuals and organizations may make donations to help with medical expenses and other expenses and equipment involved in running a rescue.

The hope is that this will average out to cover all equipment and medical costs for all dogs.  In practice, it does not do so, and it certainly does not cover costs for food, upkeep and gasoline, which are generally

born by Stable Rock Rescue volunteers.


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