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If you are interested in adopting one of our available dogs, you can visit our website www.savinggreatanimals.org and submit an application. We will then connect you with the dog's foster family for a meet and greet. 

Saving Great Animals offers a two week trial adoptions for all dogs, to make sure they are indeed a good match for you. During the trial adoption we are here to support you with advice and training. 

Who We Are

Saving Great Animals is a match-making rescue and not a shelter. We have no public facility. We work individually to do our best in matching your desires and lifestyle to the best animal pal. We love what we do! We are Seattle-based but have representatives in all parts of Washington state.

We are volunteer-based and everyone in our rescue works full time at paying careers, so please be patient with us as it can take 24 to 72 hours for a response. We are working hard behind the scenes, trust us!

Saving Great Animals has been working tirelessly as a no-kill, foster-based rescue for the last 8 years. In 2007, SGA became an official member of Petfinder and is now working with a wide network of foster homes and numerous shelters around the state to find permanent homes for animals that are deserving of love and a family. Many of the dogs and cats we rescue would otherwise face unnecessary euthanasia. To date we have rescued over 5500 animals .

We also work hard to bring dogs into SGA directly from their former home so the animals will never enter the shelter system which has environments that can be very stressful for them, even though we know so many shelter workers who are tireless too in helping the animals.

Come Visit Us

Saving Great Animals is a match-making service and not a shelter. We do not have a public facility for you to visit as all of our animals are placed in foster homes. This is a better environment for the animal and also allows us to learn more about their behaviors before they are adopted. 

If you are interested in meeting an adoptable pet, please submit an application for that animal and we will then connect you with the foster family for a meet and greet. 

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