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Puget Sound Working Cats is an organization of people who have years of rescue experience in other areas of cat rescue. PSWC re-homes cats and kittens that were recently considered unadoptable, as “Working Cats.” Working cats have a long history in United States and the World as premier rodent managers. Our cats patrol facilities such as warehouses, garages, barns and sheds. Cats are very dependable employees. In exchange for a warm/dry place to sleep, plus food and fresh water every day, they work without holidays or weekends and you never have to give them a raise! Our adoption methods are different than most shelters. We do not adopt feral cats out based on their physical attributes (orange or black, boy or girl); we adopt them out based on their level of skill to both survive against predators and to provide valuable rodent management services.

We also post our free-roaming tames and the tame kittens we raise on Petfinder and will work closely with you to make sure any kitty you inquire about is a good match for your situation.  We bring our feral cats and “install” them in your barn, warehouse, garage, etc. If required we will loan you a holding cage for your cats to use to acclimate to their new home. We work by donation, so the work stops if there isn’t money to buy gas, cat food/litter and medications. It costs us around $25 per barn cat for shots/viral testing, plus another $10 or so for food and gas for transport. Spay/Neuter is free. Suggested Donations for tame kittens are $75 w/o Micro-chip and $95 w/Micro-chip + Microchip registration cost at time of adoption. Tames cost more because we must pay cash for their spay/neuter. Every cat that goes through our rescue is tested, treated for parasites, spay/neutered, and fed quality food. Thank you for your interest in Puget Sound Working Cats!

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Puget Sound Working Cats
20613 SE 291ST PL

KENT, WA 98042
Phone: 206-819-4261

Email: hortonbb@comcast.net
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