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About Seattle Pug Rescue
Seattle Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and placement of unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused pugs, giving them a second chance in a loving and caring forever home. Seattle Pug Rescue accepts pugs regardless of their age, temperament or medical condition. Pugs surrendered to Seattle Pug Rescue receive necessary medical and dental care; are spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to placement; receive heartworm testing and routine vaccinations; and receive behavioral care, if needed.

Adopting from Seattle Pug Rescue
Pugs make wonderful pets for many people, but not everyone. Similarly, not every pug is a good match for everyone who hopes to adopt a rescue pug.

Our adoption application process is designed to ensure that the pugs we place end up in homes that are a good match for them. The process is tried and true and has been developed and refined over many years. Each step is in place for a reason.

Please follow the instructions below for submitting an adoption application, otherwise, we will not be able to consider your application.

  1. Go to the Adopt a Pug page on the Seattle Pug Rescue website to fill out an online application.
  2. There is an application fee of $12.50, payable via PayPal (no PayPal account required) when you submit your online application.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old to submit an application or inform SPR that you are not 18, have your parent's or legal guardian's approval to submit an application, and have your parent or legal guardian present during your home interview.
  4. If you are age 60 or more and you are interested in adopting a pug who is 8 or more years old, you are eligible for our Seniors for Seniors program. After you have sumbitted your application, you will be contacted by SPR. Your adoption coorindator can give you details on discounted adoption fees.
  5. At this time, homes with children under the age of six (6) will not be considered. We have adopted this policy due to an increase in the number of pugs surrendered from homes with children under the age of six. Although the pug breed has a well deserved reputation for being good with children, rescue dogs come with unknown life experiences that may make them unsuitable for homes with very young children. You may want to consider purchasing a puppy to grow up with your children. If so, we suggest you contact the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club, who will refer you to reputable breeders in the area.
  6. All applicants must have a home interview by one of our volunteers before a pug can be adopted. All family members/residents of the home must be present during the home interview. Please allow some time to pass between the submission of your application and your home interview. Remember we are an all volunteer organization and we do things as quickly as we can, but they are not always as quickly as people who are eager to add a pug to their family might like.
  7. Successful applicants must sign an adoption contract before an adoption can be finalized; a Helping Hands addendum will also be signed at adoption for those who adopt a Helping Hands pug.
  8. There is also an adoption fee for each pug placed, due on adoption. This fee helps to cover a part of the medical expenses incurred for the pugs. We will discuss this fee in advance of your adoption of a pug.
  9. Do not send more than one application. If you are concerned about the status of your application, please email
  10. If you are unable to complete the online application, please download the printed application (PDF), and mail it with a check for the application fee to the address on the form.

Seniors for Seniors
Seattle Pug Rescue's Seniors for Seniors program places pugs 8 or more years old with people who are age 60 or more at a reduced adoption fee. The adoption fee discount varies for each pug. The adoption fee may be reduced further for human seniors who are on a limited or fixed income. Veterinary care for the life of the pug will be covered by SPR at its preferred veterinary clinic or with prior approval at other clinics. If you are a senior interested in adopting a senior pug, please indicate so on the adoption application.

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