Please visit our Adoptions Information page for information about our adoptions procedures!

We post animals available for adoption on the website as well. The adoption status of each animal is checked daily and new animals are added two to three times per week. A photo and pertinent biographical information on each animal is listed. For further information about animals for adoption please contact us at 360-275-9310 option 3.

Who are we:

The Humane Society of Mason County (HSMC) is a private 501c 3 non-profit organization that serves the mason county area of Washington State. Our organization adheres to a philosophy of “no-kill” shelter and animal rescue. We believe in providing a second chances for companion animals whether they are abandoned, abused, neglected or homeless. We believe that all animals deserve the chance to live, thrive and be loved in forever home! It is our sincere desire to set provide aid when needed and to create opportunities for these needy animals to have a second chance at life.

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The Humane Society of Mason County has been working hard for many years to establish a large “no-kill” shelter facility to serve our county. Until such time, we will continue to push forward and educate the public on animal welfare issues, assistance through foster care programs and offer much needed aid to the residents in our county.

To learn more about our Shelter Building Campaign click here!

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