Grant County Animal Outreach

Grant County Animal Outreach
at the Moses Lake Animal Shelter

Building Bridges for Second Chances

Grant County Animal Outreach, operating the Moses Lake Animal Shelter, is not affiliated with the Moses Lake-Grant County Humane Society. The ML-GC Humane Society operates the Calico Cat Thrift Store. For information about their reduced-cost spay/neuter program please contact the Calico Cat at 509-766-0390.

Grant County Animal Outreach
at the Moses Lake Animal Shelter
6725 Randolph Road NE
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Phone: 509-762-9616


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If you need to surrender an animal, please call 509-762-9616 to make an appointment. This allows the Shelter Team to make sure there is room for the animal. See surrender fees and information at the bottom of this page.

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Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs


$150 for Dogs and Puppies.

$90 for cats and kittens.

Additional adoption fees may apply due to rabies vaccination or extended medical care.

If you live outside of the area and wish us to hold the animal until the next Saturday, you can place a $100.0non refundable deposit on a dog and a $60.00 non refundable deposit on a cat. This will guarantee the animal will not be adopted prior to your arrival. The deposit will be applied to the adoption fee of the animal.

Adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery (required), first vaccinations, microchip with one (1) years registration and 30 days 24hour Petwatch Insurance (with valid email address). Your new pet will be transported to a vet of your choosing and you will be able to pick up your new pet after the spay/neuter surgery. If your new pet is too young to be altered at the time of adoption, you will be given a Spay/Neuter Certificate and have a specific time frame to redeem the certificate depending on the age of your adopted pet. You can go to to fill out an Adoption Form.
Off-Site Adoption Fees. If you adopt a GCAO shelter pet from an off-site event, adoption fees may be different than the local fees. This difference is to cover the cost and expense of transporting the shelter pets to the events, and many events require a minimum adoption fee to help cover expenses to hold the event. Off-site events contribute to a large number of our adoptions, and also allow for our Rescue Coordinator to meet and network with rescues throughout the Northwest, resulting in many more shelter pets being transported to rescues when our small shelter is out of space and the shelter pet is in danger of euthanasia for space reasons. If you have any questions about off-site events, please do not hesitate to contact us.



GCAO regularly coordinates with legitimate rescue organizations, and strives to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible! If you are interested in fostering a shelter pet or transporting a shelter pet, please contact us! Transport help/costs *are* available! Visit our website at for detailed information.

You can also contact our Rescue Coordinator Carmon Derting directly at to ensure the animal is still available. Carmon can 'interview' the animal for you, take more pictures if needed, etc.



Some ideas of ways to volunteer:

Maintenance/Cleaning: Dog Kennels and Cat Cages are cleaned twice a day or more and occasionally need minor repairs.

Dog Walkers: Volunteers needed to walk the dogs. They LOVE this part and it is important to their well-being!

Animal Socialization: Volunteers to play and socialize with the animals. The cats and dogs really appreciate this special one on one time!

Basic Obedience: Volunteers to teach basic commands to the dogs.

Rescue Runners: Volunteers to transport adoptable animals to rescue organizations.

Local Transportation: We can always use more volunteers to help with the transportation of supplies and donations. We also need volunteers who are available in the morning or afternoon to take animals to and from the vets or other facilities.

Writers: We need volunteers to help with the writing bios for our adoptable animals.

Junior Volunteers: Youths 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent. Youths 16-18 years old must volunteer when another volunteer or adult is present.

Volunteers are welcome to stop in anytime, Monday-Saturday 9am to 6:00 p.m. If you would like to volunteer, please go to the following link and fill out the Volunteer Form. Volunteer Application Form After you have fill out the form, you can go to this site to check on scheduling and volunteer opportunities. Volunteer Information Center


Dry cat and kitten food
Wood Stove Pellets
Dry dog and puppy food
Medium & Large dog carriers
Used bath towels, hand towels,& washcloths
Any size/style cat tree's
Donations for purchase of vaccinations
Donations for assistance with veterinary costs

You can donate to us via Paypal


Be part of the solution. Spay or neuter your pet today.


GCAO requires a $20.00 surrender fee for each dog or cat. This fee covers the care of the animal while it is at our shelter.

You must fill out a surrender form, and animal personality profile, whether the animal is yours or not. We need as much information as possible on every animal coming into our shelter in order to give that animal every possible chance at finding a home.

We do NOT have to hold your pet for any specific length of time.

We CANNOT guarantee your pet will be adopted.

We are a euthanizing facility -- there are more animals than homes. We do make every possible effort to find homes or rescues for every adoptable animal that comes into our facility.

We will not inform you of the final disposition of your pet, e.g. adopted or euthanized.

You cannot reclaim your pet without going through the adoption process and paying the applicable adoption fee.

If you find someone who wants your pet after it has been surrendered to our facility, that individual must go through the adoption process and pay the adoption fee.

Please make all efforts to keep your pet or find your pet a new home. Use an animal shelter as a last resort.

To give shelter to the displaced and abandoned.
To give safety to the abused and neglected.
To educate the community on the importance of responsible pet ownership and care.


Grant County Animal Outreach believes that all domestic animals deserve to be treated with respect and integrity. We will represent the animals with honesty and compassion. We will work with the community, rescue organizations and foster homes on behalf of the animals to give them a second chance at finding loving forever homes.

Grant County Animal Outreach strives to promote public awareness and provide education to the community concerning the importance of spaying/neutering to prevent overpopulation. We will utilize the newest technology available to reunite lost pets with owners, to identify breeds and characteristics, to advertise the availability of adoptable pets and to continue the education of ourselves and the public.

Grant County Animal Outreach will work to strengthen our relationships with city and county governments and to be responsive to changing community needs. We will be readily accessible in a crisis and be an informational resource. We will promote key animal issues by increasing our visibility in the community, participating in and supporting local events and causes.

Grant County Animal Outreach will fulfill these commitments by fostering a professional and compassionate staff and volunteer base through training and continuing education. We will maintain a strong and supportive Board of Directors.