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We typically only have a few Bernese in rescue each year. Please keep checking our site to see if new dogs arrive. We maintain a waiting list of hopeful adopters. If you'd like to be on our waiting list please email with your street mailing address so we can send you an adoption packet. We'll also send you a breed information packet and a guide to selecting a puppy breeder. Thank you for considering a rescued Bernese!

Who We Are

The Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue and Placement program is an all-volunteer, nonprofit referral organization that is dedicated to placing dogs in need of rehoming into suitable homes. None of its officers or representatives receives any payment for their services.

Adopting a friend

Please email me your street mailing address so I can send you an adoption packet. We will also send an information packet about the breed. Our email address is Please note that we place dogs only in the Pacific NW (WA, OR, ID, MT, northern CA, & occasionally lower British Columbia)

Come Visit Us!

Our calendar of events can be found at under the 'calendar' tab. There are several events each year that are just to get together and socialize with the dogs as well as events where we work with our dogs. The majority of events don't require you to be a club member.
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Seattle
PO Box 6552

Kent, WA 98031
Phone: 253-332-4836

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