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About us

Peninsula Paws is small rescue dedicated to those animals who are in need of a place to call home until a loving family can be found. We run mainly out of foster homes and do not have a main shelter location. We specialize in Dogs & Small Furries. We know that at one time in it's life an animal may become unwanted for one reason or another.

Because of this we are very limited on what we can take in at one time. As much we hate to turn an animal away sometimes it is necessary.

Peninsula Paws Adoption Process

As with all things, there is an order to which adoptions of companion animals take place. Below is a summary of the actions taken in order to adopt out a companion animal.

Step one - On our side
All animals available at Peninsula Paws will be posted although certain requirements need to be met before the animal can go home.
All dogs ,cats and some furry species will be spayed or neutered before leaving Peninsula Paws. There are only few exceptions. One is puppies, kittens or furries to small for surgery. Those animals go home with a spay/neuter contract. No amount of money will change our minds, so don't ask.

Step two - On your side
After finding the animal you are interested in, request & fill out the adoption application. This application can mailed via email to
After your application is received and reviewed you will be called to schedule a visitation with the animal you are applying for. This visit is to make sure you and your new companion get along and that all family members human and furred get along with your new family member before the adoption is finalized.

Step Three - Going Home
If everything works out and the animal has all the requirements needed to be available for release from Peninsula Paws, an adoption contract is filled out and signed and adoption fee paid.
Out Of State Adoptions
Here at Peninsula Paws we DO allow Out Of State Adoptions when we feel the home is the right one for the animal being adopted. Out of State Adoptions go through the same process as any adoption. There is an extra fee (depending on size of dog or cat and length of travel) for Out of State Adoptions to cover what is needed for them to travel For Cats:Health Certificate and Travel Kennel Big Enough To Fit A Litter Box,Collar and Tag For Dogs:Health Certificate,Bordatella Vaccine, Travel Crate, Collar, Leash and Tags. I hope this helps you in your decision to adopt from Peninsula Paws.

For some small animals we may have extra cages and/or supplies available. Don't hesitate to ask. All small animals come with a 1-2 days supply of their current food.

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Peninsula Paws

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