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Pacific Maltese Rescue is in need of Foster Parents in all 3 states that we cover, Washington, Oregon, and California. If you would be interested in being a foster parent for us, please go to our website and fill out a Foster Application

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Who We Are

Pacific Maltese Rescue is based on the west coast and serves the states of Washington, California and Oregon. We are dedicated to taking in Maltese dogs and caring for them, getting them back to their ultimate health, and placing them in approved adoptive homes.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please make sure that you have an Adoption Application on file with us.

How You Can Help

Pacific Maltese Rescue consists of four or five individuals who do rescue work on a volunteer basis. No one at PMR receives a salary. We all do this for the love of the Maltese.

We charge approximately $150.00 per pup sometimes more, $200.00 for puppies or very young dogs. This money is used to offset adoption fees from “kill shelters”, medical expenses, and sometimes grooming of unwanted, unloved pups.

The volunteers pay, out of our pockets, for the care of our rescued dogs when there is no money in the PMR fund.

Example: We rescued Lucy from a breeder. Lucy was used to produce puppies for about 8 years, over and over again. Non-stop puppy making. Lucy had uterine tumors that caused her pain, rotten teeth that caused her pain, and filthy diseased ears that caused her pain. The poor little thing was a mess and Pacific Maltese Rescue saved her, made her whole again.

We took her to the vet, had her spayed, tumors removed, teeth cleaned and rotten teeth pulled and finally her ears were deep cleaned. She was asleep for the whole process. For this one pup, PMR spent close to $280.00 to get her healthy and out of pain, and asked a $150.00 adoption fee. As you can see, we did not make a profit on this dog. Some dogs do come to us healthy, and we don't have to put out more than what it takes to get them up to date on their shots and an initial vet check, but what me make on their adoption fee nowhere covers the medical costs of the sick dogs.

We, the volunteers do this for the love of the Maltese, but need your help. We do not have our 501c3 yet, but we have applied for it. If you would be willing to make a donation to the dogs, please contact any of our volunteers for information on where to mail it. You will find them listed here, Pacific Maltese Rescue.

Thank you

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Pacific Maltese Rescue
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