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2nd Chance Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization that provides a second chance for cats who would have been euthanized due to their positive diagnosis of feline leukemia (FeLV). All cats living at 2nd Chance have tested positive for FeLV but are healthy and up for ADOPTION.2nd Chance Cat Rescue - Tiger LouThese cats can be adopted as a playmate for another positive or a playmate for a dog and will make wonderful pets.

Some cats that test positive for FeLV become carriers, but can develop immunity and never get sick. This is especially common with kittens and younger cats. It is routine for most shelters to automatically euthanize ALL cats that test positive. While some will get sick with FeLV, they too can live for years and deserve a 2nd chance!!! These special needs cats can live long healthy lives as in-door pets. FeLV is only transmitted feline to feline thru saliva by sharing food, water, or a litter box. FeLV is not air-born and is not transmitted to dogs, humans or any other animals. Therefore, these cats need to be your only feline household companion or housed with other FeLV cats.

All cats that come to 2nd Chance Cat Rescue are spayed or neutered and have been given excellent medical care.2nd Chance Cat Rescue - MishaDONATIONS cover ANY and ALL rescue costs we incur, this includes medical care such as examinations, testing, and vaccinations of the cats. It also includes food, litter and the basic day to day care of our cats in rescue. 2nd Chance is also committed to the spaying and neutering of feral cats, and donations go towards this also. If there isn't enough money the cost comes out of our pocket, we get no state funding.

Since 2nd Chance opened in September 2005, 50 cats have been rescued from the street by one person. We can only help as many cats as we have funds for, so please if you can donate any amount at all it will help. Just think what we can do together!!!
VOLUNTEERS are needed for TLC at the Cat Rescue. We need cat cuddlers, help with clean-up and getting cats to vet appointments, if you have the time, we need you!!To see cats available for ADOPTION, or to volunteer call Emily at 253-549-0530.

2nd Chance Cat Rescue - Smudgie FUND RAISING ideas and DONATIONS are greatly appreciated and can be mailed to:

Second Chance Cat Rescue (Located on Fox Island, WA)
Attn: Emily Isaman Decker
P.O. Box 582
Fox Island, WA 98333

Thank you for taking the time to read about 2nd Chance Cat Rescue and any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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