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Who We Are

Lifesavers Rescue is a Washington State NON PROFIT Organization. We are a small, all volunteer group of people who are willing to open our homes, yards, arms and lives to unwanted dogs.

One of our goals is the finding of appropriate homes for the dogs in our care. We also vaccinate and worm all dogs, provide needed medical treatment, spay or neuter all foster dogs,(exceptions are very young and too small puppies). We work with socializing our foster dogs, observing their behavior around other dogs and humans so we can let people know all that we see in each and every dog. We so often find the dogs give us back far more than we give them.

Each furry face brings their own personality and needs which we help to match with the right person or family. Applicants need to be 25 years of age and have a fenced yard to adopt from Lifesavers Rescue.

Lengthy adoption applications are sent to each person seriously inquiring about a specific dog which begins the adoption process. We try to be thorough but not invasive in our questions.

The Yakima Valley has a large dog population for various reasons and we in rescue see many abused, neglected, starving, sick, unwanted, too many pregnant and stray dogs. Phone calls are received almost daily from people having a dog they need help in placing, have found as a stray or even rescued from an abusive situation. There are never enough foster homes for all the dogs needing a place to be safe until homes are found.

We, in rescue, are all striving to decrease the dog population in whatever way we can. Lifesavers hopes that people wanting to adopt will check their local animal shelters first as those dogs are truly on 'death row'.

The reason for asking adoption donations is there is a great deal of cost pertaining to dog rescue work in many different areas. ALL donation fees go back into our rescue for the medical treatment, vaccinations, supplies and feed costs associated with the dogs.

When adopting from Lifesavers Rescue, you will be given a guarantee that, if after completing a dog obedience course, you feel the dog is not the right fit, and in most cases, we will take the dog back and refund your adoption fee. Our goal is a win-win for the dog AND person adopting.

ALL dogs are either spayed/neutered before leaving Lifesavers Rescue OR when adopting young puppies, a prepaid spay/neuter from your local veterinarian, must be presented at time of adoption.

Come Visit Us!

Because Lifesavers Rescue is an all volunteer group of people, dogs are kept at different private homes. After completing the application and being approved, you may visit the dog if desired before adopting if this is within a reasonable amount of time. It is difficult to hold dogs on an 'if' from someone. We do reserve the right to reject applicants due to them not being a suitable home for the dog in question, without detailed explanation to them.

Lifesavers Rescue

Yakima , WA 98903
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