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Old Dog Haven is a network of foster homes trying to provide a loving safe home for senior dogs abandoned at this stage of their lives. When we have room, and the means, we take these dogs into our homes; if possible we adopt out those with a reasonable life-expectancy. We care for the rest as long as they have good quality of life.

All too many dogs of advanced (or just middle-aged!) years are rejected by their owners, dumped at shelters where their chance of adoption is "slim-to-none" or passed around others in the neighborhood. Instead of living cherished last years in a loving family they are left to die in a terrifying place, alone and frightened, not understanding what they did to make their family send them away. Helping them isn't easy, isn't cheap, but is very, very rewarding. Our goal is that their last years are cherished and that they die knowing they are loved, safe and at peace. Wouldn't we all wish this for our own pets, and for ourselves?

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We are not a shelter, but have senior dogs available for adoption in our foster homes in Western Washington.  We also list dogs still in the owner's home or with a shelter or rescue group. Please contact us for more information on the dogs listed here or contact the group listed in the dog's profile.

Old Dog Haven
email: office@olddoghaven.org
Phone: 360-653-0311

Email is the quickest way to reach us. Please see our website for answers to many questions and an adopters questionnaire.

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