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Spotlight Pair

Buster and Howie

These boys have been at the rescue for quite a while! Buster is the typical guinea pig-orang and white, hard to catch but calm in your lap. His companion Howie is more active and loves to run and jump around the cage! Buster and Howie have a reduced adoption fee of $25 for the pair.

Supplies Available

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue has used supplies available--Pigloos, food dishes, carriers, etc, that are available for a monetary or vegetable donation! I also have complimentary hay available at all times for my adopters. I don't have any coroplast right now, but can direct you where to find it.


Warning for those of you who make C&C cages--Target has modified their Organize-it Cubes. They are now made with grids that are too large, and already one guinea pig has gotten his head stuck and died. Some Targets still have the older style grids, but to make sure you get the right ones, you may need to open up the packages to make sure. The appropriate grids should have 9 sections across. Fred Meyer still has cube systems the correct size, and some Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores. I'll be checking for other sources of these grids, as well. In the meantime, you may want to make your cages using white wire shelving as the sides.

New Arrivals!

A pair of young females was recently returned to the rescue, because of allergy issues. These girls, Bambi and Ozzie, need some extra handling so they can become more calm and friendly! This pair is at a reduced adoption fee of $25 for the pair.

At this time we have no neutered males available, but towards the end of the summer have a couple coming in. Neutered males make great companions for females! The adoption price for a neutered male is $50, which is very reasonable since it costs well over $100 to neuter one.

What To Do If You Need To Re-home Your Guinea Pig

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue does take in owner surrenders for a fee of $25. However, since the rescue is usually full, there's a waiting list of people wanting to re-home their guinea pigs. Sometimes it can take months before your guinea pigs can be taken in. You can contact the animal shelters in the area--most do not euthanize guinea pigs. However, they often split up pairs, and they don't usually screen adopters very well. You can post an ad on an online classified website, but be very careful and screen those who respond. You can post flyers at local veterinarian offices or pet supply stores. There are also placement sections on many online guinea pig forums.

You might ask yourself--do you really need to re-home your guinea pig? If it's a case where no one in the family spends time with them anymore, guinea pigs actually do quite well without human interaction. All they really need is food, water, a clean environment, and vet attention when needed. If it's a case of allergies, most guinea pig allergies can be handled with allergy medicine or having a non-allergic person take over the care. If you are moving, you can make sure the new place accepts animals. Guinea pigs travel quite well.

Is your guinea pig especially large? Is he or she orange or white, or both? And extremely skittish, to the point of wildness? Then it's possible you have a cuy. Cuy are a breed of guinea pig developed for meat production in South America, and they are finding their way into our pet trade. Cuy are mostly not adoptable, being "feral" and wild. They have shortened lifespans. They often don't get along with other guinea pigs. Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue has a policy of housing only 4 cuy at a time, since they aren't candidates for adoption and take up a large amount of space. At this point no more cuy are being taken in.

Who We Are

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue is a small guinea pig rescue run out of my home, with help from my family. Adoptions are made through appointments only. We are located in Auburn, WA.

I prefer to be contacted by email, and will attempt to answer your inquiry as soon as possible. However, occasionally it may be a few days! Please be patient--adopting a rescued guinea pig is worth it.

Adopting a Friend

Most of our guinea pigs are in pairs. Some of these are bonded pairs and they must be adopted together. Others are in pairs for convenience, and can be adopted together or you can adopt just one of a pair. It usually states which case it is in the pet description.

Guinea pigs must be adopted in same sex pairs, unless you have a guinea pig you are looking for a same sex companion for. If your cavy is spayed or neutered you can adopt one of the opposite sex. Regular adoption fees are $25 for a single guinea pig, $35 for a pair. A neutered male is $50, a pair including a neutered male is $70. Included is a pigloo or chube, and a sample of hay and pellets. Because some of the guinea pigs are very popular, a $15 deposit (payable by check in mail or Paypal) will hold that guinea pig until you can pick him or her up.

Before buying a cage I suggest you look at Cavy Cages to find out how to easily make an inexpensive cage on your own. Store bought cages are usually too small for a pair of guinea pigs. Aquariums are also unacceptable. I will require proof that your cage either meets or exceeds size recommendations (a photo or receipt for materials). I can assist you with putting together a cage or finding materials, if needed.

I suggest you read Guinea Lynx to learn the basics of owning a guinea pig, even if you have owned them in the past, or have some now!

Many guinea pigs are returned or surrendered to rescues because of allergies. If you have cat or dog allergies, there's a good chance you may also be allergic to guinea pigs. Guinea pig bedding and their hay (which is such an important part of their diet) can also cause allergy symptoms. If you have allergies you will want to consider this in your decision to add guinea pigs to your family. Many people are able to manage their guinea pig allergies following the information at Cavy Spirit.

Come Visit Us!

Since we are a home based rescue, appointments are needed to come out and visit the guinea pigs. Email for details!

Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue

Auburn, WA 98092

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