Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane has now placed over 1,500 wiener dogs since April of 1991. We place around 125+ fixed dogs placed each year to screened homes and 157 dogs in 2016 alone. Find Dachshund Rescue NW on Facebook for daily updates, free training and vet advice and daily photos of our adoptable dogs. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT fill in the form with Petfinder to adopt our dogs.

TO ADOPT: Scroll to ADOPTABLE PET LIST and do click that link below. You will need to read the dog's bios for photos and sometimes videos, their adoption details on how we adopt and their personality information on each dog. Thanks.

Our Better Business Bureau rating has always been A+ since we opened so we make sure our adopters are happy with their new adopted dogs. WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU ADOPT ONE OF OUR DOGS? All our dogs come with personality guarantees so you know what you are adopting plus a large adoption package with food, toys, leash, etc. We also answer questions with free information you need for the life of the dog rescued from us if you ask. We also offer test drives to make sure they fit your family and they can be returned at any time if not working out. We also offer free digital copies of their professional doggy adoption photos we used to advertise them, if you ask. Plus our dogs are trained, guaranteed in their new homes, ALWAYS fixed before placement, current shots, wormed with a broad spectrum wormer including tape worms. We also include a free year's membership in the Dachshund Club of Spokane worth $20 per year for fun wiener and family friendly events for your dogs. Find those events on our Facebook page! All that is included for around $150 to $350 for their adoption fees for our dog rescue.

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(How to adopt from us: NO calls or emails on our available dogs please. If the dogs are listed on the next page then they are still adoptable. Dogs on their test drives with new families are marked as "pending home" and not available for adoption. DIRECTIONS: Click this adoptable pet link above, THEN click each dog's photo and THEN READ their detailed bios on each of our dogs before filling in our pre-adoption paperwork on our web site, NOT the one on Petfinder. Thanks.)

About DRNW

At DRNW, all our dogs our fixed BEFORE placement so we do not rescue any descendants later on. At this rescue we strongly believe in decreasing the pet overpopulation so even our personal pets are fixed as well. We are not breeders, but real rescuers so we will NEVER have pups for sale/adoption unless it is a litter that we are fostering. We have rescued exactly FOUR litters in the last 20 years of doing this dog rescue so pups are rare because we will never breed any other litters with this breed being horribly over bred with over 500+ we turn away each year. We rescue an average of around 125+ dogs because that is all the time we have for retraining and placing them carefully in the right homes.

Nor will we make you meet us in any parking lot to adopt a dog from us. We do expect folks to come here to our home and check us out as being a legit dog rescuer with happy animals. We do NOT SHIP our dogs anywhere like puppy mill breeders because we want to know if our dogs like their new people and vice versa.

Dachshund Rescue NW (DRNW) is a regional Dachshund breed rescuer in the Pacific Northwest, USA near Spokane, Wash. And we work closely with other all breed shelters and many rescues all over the Pacific Northwest to help refer dogs to potential parents or take their unwanted or difficult placement dogs as needed. Not all of ours are "issue dogs," but many need the extra time and training so we want them here being worked constantly. We are NOT affiliated with any dog rescuer in North Idaho.

We are not dog resellers but true rescuers. The average stay at our home is around three months for training to make sure the adoptable dogs will fit in their new homes plus a test drive and constant communication, if needed, to make sure you have the right dog for your family. Our adoption fees are a bit higher, but we also guarantee ALL our placed dogs as well. If they do not work for you on their Test Drive then return them to us and we shall see about another cutie that will work. By the time our guaranteed dogs are ready for adoption then we have worked through all of the kinks so adopters know everything about that dog in our adoption process. We will tell you "the good, the bad and the ugly about each dog" so you know exactly what kind of Dachshund that you are adopting. Plus we screen homes carefully to make sure the right dog is going to the right forever home.

We are a small, home-based wiener dog rescue with many volunteers that has helped almost 1400 wiener dogs since 1991. The dogs live with us and are not warehoused or they are fostered near us so we can check on them often. See our home page of our main web site below for a current count of this year's rescues already and past years since 1991 when we started this rescue. http://www.spokanewienerdogs.org We also have a ton of volunteers who help us at the farm, many of whom adopted from us already.

In addition we will also work closely with you for the life of the dog with as much follow-up as you need for a life long adoption. And the professional dog trainer works at home normally training critters too so we spend more time then most folks spend with their own dogs while the DRNW rescues are being retrained for their new homes.

We also specialize in those "un-adoptable" wiener dogs and then we keep them as long as needed to re-train them and then find them quality, forever homes. They all get to play on our large horse farm and stay in our home while we re-train them to make them happy dogs first before placement. All of our adoptable dogs have extensive training and temperament testing BEFORE placement. We always place happy dogs or they stay in rescue until they are good to go.

DRNW has a 96% placement success in 25+ years of rescuing this one breed. Those that did not make their first home have always been placed the second time around. We care deeply care about this breed after 45+ years in Dachshunds. We do try to break even at our rescue and rarely do because we do not rescue for money. We rescue Dachshunds for the love of the breed.

Please thoroughly research where you adopt your dogs from. There are some people out there even on this web site are posing as rescuers when they are in fact dog breeders and puppy mills. We have had exactly four litter of pups in 25+ years of rescuing and those were shelter referrals. People will usually sell the pups and then give us the moms to rescue AFTER the pups are already sold.

There are some "rescuers" in North Idaho on Petfinders who ALWAYS seem to have Dachshund puppies or mixed pups for sale or tell folks they have pups when contacted even if not listed. People who rescue are NEVER breeders at the same time or they are NOT rescuers. Plus they will not post prices of those dogs so people can make an informed decision before they sell you a dog or do a "bait and switch." They will advertise one dog on this web site then tell you about pups they happen to have for sale to please report them to outreach@petfinder.com Please be aware that not everyone on this web site or others is what they seem to be. So please do your research on where you buy your pups or hopefully adopt your next family member. Puppy mill breeders who are calling themselves rescuers are being allowed to advertise numerous litters of Dachshunds on Petfinder and other adoption web sites now. We ask you report them when you find them. Email us for more details on which are legit rescuers in this region and which are not.

Our happy dogs come with spayed or neutered, shots, worming with a broad spectrum wormer, health information, extensive training information for the life of the dog as well as personality guarantees too and a free year's membership into the Dachshund Club of Spokane so we can see how they are doing with your family.

We GUARANTEE all our dogs. We want the right dog in the home or we will trade and work with you until we get the right dog for your dogs and your family.

See our web site for more details on who we are and why we love this dog rescue. We love meeting nice folks willing to adopt a "used wiener:" www.spokanewienerdogs.org

Mission Statement: To educate the public about controlling the pet population through responsible spaying and neutering of their pets and to let the public know about the history of the Dachshund breed and how they are noisy, active hunting dogs. The education also includes this breed is not always suitable for every home especially those with very young children or those without secure, fenced yards. We also have a dog club six times a year for the Dachshund Club of Spokane members like the Wiener Dog Races, attendance in two area parades, St. Patty's Day Parade, adoption educational booths for the public and holiday parties for the dogs, etc.

The Adoption Process to Adopt Our Dogs

For our adoption process please click here: Click here to go to our club and rescue website with info on our adoption process and our pre-adoption form under our TO ADOPT page.

Please read all of our web site about adopting on the To Adopt or To Place pages before emailing or phoning. We do not adopt our dogs via email or over the phone so please do our pre-adoption paperwork first on our web site first. Thanks in advance for reading our site with all the details that you will need on our adoption process.


All dogs adopted from our rescue get a free calendar year membership to our fun dog club starting in January through December with at least one dog event each month. And please join the Dachshund Club of Spokane because we do the wiener dog races at Pet Fest each year, Spokane, club BBQ called Wienerfest each summer, Annual Christmas party each December, entry to the St. Patty's Day parade in March, Wiener Dog Races at Oktoberfest at the Convention Center every fall, open house potlucks at the dog rescue several times a year and more family fun! Most of the dog events are free with a few exceptions. All events are family friendly where we want you to bring your dog and your kids. All purebreds and part-breds are welcome at all our events. No big breed dogs please.

Wiener lovers unite!

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Placing Your Dog With Us

We take any Dachshund needing a new home at any time unless we are too full so there could be some waiting time to get your dog to us. If you have a dog needing a new home then please email us at: dragoonfr@hotmail.com or call Margo, Director of DRNW, at 509-796-2140. Please leave a message. If we have too many dogs at our rescue when you get in touch then we will refer you to another quality rescuer in your area.

Please consider giving your pets to any rescuer before sending them to a shelter because rescues do screen all potential homes with home visits and usually have a waiting list of people looking for specific breeds.

To see photos of where the dogs are staying with our rescue please see our web site. Click here to go to our club and rescue website

Visitors by Appointment

We do take visitors by appointment only if you want to bring us a dog to find a home.

If you want to adopt one of our dogs then we will bring our dogs to you for their Three Day Test Drives if you live within our adoptive area so we can view their prospective home, fenced yard, family and other pets. We usually do not have folks come by our home to look at adoptable dogs if they live in our area.

Now and then we do adopt out of the area and we will have someone make a site visit in your area. We will need vet references and photos of their prospective home and new buddies as well. We do not ship our dogs as it is too stressful. If you are willing to drive to Spokane for your new fur baby then please get in touch for more details about this.

Happy Tails! Click here to see our previously adopted pets from this web site! They have homes already.

Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane
509-796-2140 Emergency surrender phone
Mailing address: PO Box 1383, Airway Heights, WA, 99001
We are located near Spokane, WA and Fairchild Air Force Base on the North West side of town. Visitors are welcome by appointment only. Thanks.
No phone calls please unless you need to place a dog with our rescue right away.

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To email us: See our website at: Click here to go to our club and rescue website See our web site for a link to email us. It is at the bottom of every page. Please read our site first before getting in touch. Thanks.

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