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Who We Are

NW Pixiebob Rescue is a very small network of foster homes exclusively dedicated to the rescue and placement of Pixiebobs in the Pacific NW. If it is not a purebred Pixiebob, we cannot help you. We do not have a shelter facility. With over 16 years of rescue experience, we are assisting cat owners in placing their cat straight from their home with his/her new furever family thus greatly minimizing stress. This process may take a bit longer, but you will find it worth your while when you bring home your very own perfect Pixiebob.

Through thoroughly assessing each individual cat's needs, we ensure that just the right home is chosen. For example, if a cat is best in a home with "no kids, not now or ever" you must be the kind of person who will not have kids - EVER! If we are asking for an ideal home to spend a lot of time with a particular cat, please make sure that you can do so and not work a job that requires 14 hours per day away from home. Please respect the work this organization does by only applying for a cat that matches your particular life style and environment.

Adopting A Friend

You can either call us or email us so we can send you our Adoption Application. This is a simple Word document that we require any potential adoptive parent to fill out. After having reviewed the application we would then arrange for you to meet the cat of your choice.

NW Pixie Bob Rescue generally does not believe in indoor/outdoor situations for cats, declawing, and placing kittens into homes with children under the age of 5 years. When seeking a new furever home, we will try our very best finding a home that closely mimics what a cat has been used to. If a cat is used to going in and out, we will try finding such a home. If a cat has successfully lived with and enjoyed the companionship of small kids and other animals, we will strive to provide just that in its new home. We believe this will create a perfect basis for a successful adoption. We never make exceptions on our declaw policy.

If you have any intentions of not abiding by our policies or providing a home that is contrary to what has been determined the best possible scenario for any given cat or you seek to declaw the cat, please be respectful of our organization and seek a companion from a different source.

All of our cats/kittens come up to date on shots as well as spayed or neutered and to the best of our knowledge are FeLV/FIV free. It is incumbent upon the adopter to have the cat vet checked to confirm.

Adoption Fees

Our fees varies by age and are listed with the individual cat.

NW Pixie Bob Rescue
Seattle Area, WA
Phone: 425-358-1284

Email: nwpixiebobrescue@yahoo.com
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