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WASHINGTON BOXER RESCUE usually has several boxers not posted yet, still waiting in our program. They are receiving medical, training, rehabilitation - but still are available for future adoptions.  If you are interested in starting adoption through WA BOXER RESCUE, and want to work with us to match you correctly with a boxer or another breed we may be rehoming through our program, please write us at  BOXERS@waboxerrescue.com and request an application, or go to our main webpage to fill one out at  http://www.waboxerrescue.com   -  ALL potential adopters must meet all of our requirements to adopt, that includes - application, home visit, meeting everyone in the home where new pet would be living, and proper introduction to you & your other pet if this is going to be the second dog/pet in your family. As behavior specialists, we want to make sure that everyone involved with any adoption will be safe. Regarding your home, other pets, children, people, and the environment where they may live- these are always considered when matching you and your family correctly. WBR takes all precautions necessary & take into consideration everything per each dog's needs, when matching a potential adopter with a dog through this program. And a fast adoption is not a safe adoption; we want to make sure that you & your new friend are right for each other, so our rescue dog will finally have the forever home they deserve.  This is their last chance to be understood & safely adopted in most cases.   Thank you for considering the adoption of a precious rescued dog.. Believe me your heart, your home & your life truly will be rewarded tenfold when you finally meet the right fur-kid, that has been waiting for you.  



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WASHINGTON BOXER RESCUE is a state & federally registered - adoption & release program. WBR is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, and our is "TO FOCUS OUR EFFORTS & RESOURCES TOWARD DIRECTLY BENEFITING THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR SURRENDERED, ABANDONED OR MISTREATED DOGS WITH THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF FINDING EACH ONE A LOVING HOUSEHOLD IN WHICH TO SHARE THEIR LIVES FOREVER.”   WBR evaluates the behavior of each dog no matter their age, when they enter into this program. We then can best match each dog with their adoptive home. Every dog is different, every home is different, and so is every family that wants to adopt a precious rescued fur-kid. We also try to assist those who contact us for help regarding their dog, specifically boxers, behavioral problems, or releasing a boxer to this program to insure their safety on their journey to a new home. Our rescue program is geared towards the boxer breed but on occasion we run across a special dog that needs our help desperately. 


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WASHINGTON BOXER RESCUE is not a shelter – we do not have our doors opened to the public for selection or viewing of all dogs for adoption. OUR dogs in this program are in private foster homes, between Seattle & the Tri-Cities/SE WA, getting much needed medical, rehabilitation & training so they may be better acclimated when adopted to the their forever home. We feel the one on one 24/7 care & training in our home environment, provides our rescued dogs the best possible preparation to his/her new upcoming adoption & home.   PLEASE do not call to see our dogs until you submit an application and then make appointment to meet one of these sweet rescued dogs that you may be interested in or who may match you the best.  We are a fully staffed volunteer program but we do have our own families and employment outside of our personal devotion to our rescues.  So we need to schedule appointments to best accommodate all person’s involved with the meeting of any dog in our program. WE love meeting new adopters & working to help you find your next wonderful friend.. Please come see us on FACEBOOK too at  http://www.facebook.com/WABoxerRescue






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