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Northwest Samoyed Rescue is a group of rescuers dedicated to helping Samoyeds in the Northwest. Washington State Samoyed Rescue (an arm of the Samoyed Club of Washington State) and Samoyed Rescue of Oregon combined operations in early 2008, but our groups have been around and helping dogs since 1952. We cover all of Washington State, Oregon, and northern Idaho. We work with rescuers in British Columbia and help when possible in western Montana. Our job is to find good homes for Samoyeds who find themselves in a bad situation through no fault of their own. Some come from shelters, some from people who are moving or divorcing, and some have been abandoned. Some are young, some are old, but all need a stable home. Our goal is to match each of them to the best home possible.

Adopting a Samoyed

The process of adoption starts by filling out our rescue application, available on our web site at After we receive it, we will schedule a home visit from one of our volunteers. We want to make sure you know about our breed, and our volunteer will explain the things you need to know about samoyeds, as well as checking your facilities to determine if they are adequate for a large, active dog. We want you all to be comfortable together.

If you have other pets, we schedule a visit with your prospective new sammy on neutral ground, which gives all the animals an opportunity to meet where none of them will be territorial. Then comes the hard part, if we all think the match is good, where we ask you to go home and think about the adoption. Sammies are beautiful, friendly dogs, and it's easy to fall in love in an instant --only to discover later that a different dog might have been a better fit. After both sides agree that it's a good match, your new friend gets to move in with you. You can expect follow-up visits occasionally to monitor things, and we invite you to write or call us whenever you have a question. Our rescue families are all a part of one big family, and we're all anxious to help.

All dogs from Northwest Samoyed Rescue are neutered or spayed and up-to-date with basic vaccinations. We ask for an adoption donation of $150, slightly less than the cost of an "average" rescue dog. We also require a signed adoption agreement.

How You Can Help!

Our greatest need is for foster care. If you could take a samoyed into your home for a few days on short notice, it would help us tremendously. Sometimes when we hear about a samoyed who must be moved quickly, we have nobody in the area. A network of foster homes and people who can transport dogs would be invaluable. Please contact us at Thanks!
Northwest Samoyed Rescue
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