Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Rescue

Who We Are

Pacific Crest Keeshond Club was formed in February 1977 by a group of Keeshond breeders and owners. The Board of Directors drafted a constitution and by-laws by which the Club is governed, a code of ethical practice by which the members are guided in all phases of responsible breeding and dog ownership, and appointed committees to carry out the Club’s goals. PCKC’s ultimate goal is to assist all Keeshond owners in responsible dog ownership, including training (showing in conformation, obedience, and agility), education, grooming, and other areas in which they indicate they need assistance. The Club also provides a meeting place for Keeshond owners to discuss the breed with other interested people and work together in the interest of the breed. In addition to regular meetings held in the greater Seattle area, the Club hosts several popular events: Fun Days, participation in parades, holiday parties, and AKC (American Kennel Club) sanctioned shows. Pacific Crest Keeshond Club is active in Keeshond rescue, freeing abandoned or stray Keeshonden from local shelters and arranging foster care and placement in suitable new homes. PCKC works with Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue (SPDR) in placing Keeshonden. Pacific Crest Keeshond Club is an AKC sanctioned specialty club and is affiliated with the national AKC specialty club, the Keeshond Club of America (KCA) and with the national breed welfare club, The American Keeshond Society (TAKS). Our membership includes companion dog owners, exhibitors in conformation, obedience, and agility, and responsible breeders.

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Adopting a Keeshond

Send an email to information on how to adopt a Keeshond from PCKC. Our club website can be viewed at:

Our Location

Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Rescue is a group of volunteers. We foster dogs in our private homes. Therefore, we do not have a public facility. Volunteers will graciously arrange to set up a meeting for potential adopters to meet an available Keeshond.
Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Rescue

Seattle, WA 98155

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