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Fees vary to cover medical expenses.

Tiny Tails Rescue Group is staffed entirely by volunteer foster parents. All animals are held in private homes in foster care until a suitable home can be found. We do not operate a shelter. We also do NOT have a website at this time. All available animals are listed directly on Petshelter Network as they come in. Inquiries may be made for a specific dog listed. Please contact the foster parent listed at the end of the listing. They will be the primary contact for the dog and can answer specific questions. Because we are just a small group, we cannot "take an order" for a specific kind of dog.

An extensive application must be filled out by the adopter themselves. We do not adopt out animals as gifts for other people. Adoption donations are made directly to the treating vet so that we may help as many dogs as possible.

Tiny Tails RARELY recieves puppies. Most dogs are at least one year of age when they come in to rescue. If you are interested in a puppy and cannot find one at your local shelter, Hearts United for Animals (www.hua.org) has a wonderful anti-puppy mill campaign and rescue organization that frequently has toy breed puppies available that have been rescued from mills.

All out of area phone inquiries will be returned collect.

Tiny Tails are a group of volunteer foster homes whose mission is to find loving, permanent homes for small and toy dogs. We do not operate a shelter.

Varies-please note descriptive paragraph of the dog. We are a foster home network.

Tiny Tails Toy Dog Rescue
Foster Home Network
Seattle, WA 98166
Phone: varies

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