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Cat Tales is a 501(c)(3 )Non profit.  We are not a shelter, and all of our cats are in foster care.  So if you are interested in adopting, please read the  Petfinder post carefully to see who to contact.    Cat Tales Rescue is a member of the Community Cat Coalition.  We are a devoted group of independent trappers, rescuers and fosters working to improve the lives of community cats in need. The Community Cat Coalition is not a shelter and does not take in, adopt, or place cats.  However, they do set up adoption events and provide support for the  independent rescuers that work with Cat Tales and other local no kill organizations. As a member of the Community Cat Coalition, we support their policies regarding the placement of cats into lifetime homes.   All cats will be spayed or neutered, treated for known parasites, giving age-appropriate vaccinations and tested for feline leukemia.

Adopting A Friend

Cats are a 15 - 20 year commitment, so we work very hard to make sure that the cat or kitten you are interested in is a good match. We want you to have the right cat! All of our cats and kittens come with a life-time return guarantee.  They can be returned at any time and for any reason. We often recommend a two week trial just to be sure it is a good fit.  We've had people suggest that this is hard on cats.  It is!  But not as hard as being in the wrong home for a decade or more.   Re-homing adult cats can take months or longer, so it is our goal for all adoptions to be for the life of the cat.

Cat Tales cats and kittens will have the following before adoption.

  • Spay / Neuter surgery
  • Screening for Feline Leukemia and FIV
  • Age appropriate vaccines
  • Micro-chipping
  • Treatment for  known parasites [Typically fleas, worms and mites.]

Cat Tales Adoption Questionnaire
Cat Tales is a small organization and most of our cats are in foster care. Since all of our adoption counselors work full time, it is not always possible to get same day approval.
Name or description of cat(s) applying for:
Applicant Name/s
Address (inc. zip):
Home Phone :
Work Phone:
Employer & Occupation:
How long? Name/s & Age's of other household residents.
Any smokers in your household? _________ 1. Where do you live? ___house ___townhouse /condo ___apartment ___mobile home
2. Do you own or rent your residence? ____own ____rent
a. if rent, name of landlord and phone number?
b. are pets allowed? ____yes ____no ____not sure
c. is there an additional charge for pets? ____yes ____no ____not sure
3. Describe those pets you still own:
Sex (spay/neuter?)
Indoor-Only ______yes or Indoor & Outdoor _____ yes 4. Describe those pets you no longer own:
Sex (spay/neuter?)
Indoor-Only or Indoor & Outdoor
Where are they now?
Date & age at death/giveaway
5. Have you ever adopted an animal from a rescue/animal control agency? yes no If yes, which organization?
List name & phone number of each vet where your animal(s) received care over the last 5 years:
* Clinic name(s) & Number
* Doctor(s):
* Phone number (inc. area code) for each:
* What owner name(s) are records listed under:
* Date of last vet visit:
6. What kind of food do you plan to give your cat?
Do you have a favorite brand?
7. Where do you plan to put the litterbox?
8. Have you owned a declawed cat in the past? _____ yes ____ no
Are you planning on declawing? ____ yes ____ no ____ not sure
9. On average, how much time will the cat spend outdoors each day?
Do you have a cat/dog door?
10. How many hours will the cat be left unattended?
When no one is home, where will the cat be kept?
11. When you are home, where will the cat be kept?
Where will the cat sleep?
12. If you move, what will you do with the cat?
13. What kind of behavior issues do you expect may come with a new cat/kitten and how will you deal with them?
14. Please list what kind of routine veterinary care you plan to provide for your cat (including flea control, shots, etc., if known)
I pledge that the above information is true and complete. Further, I give permission to Cat Tales to contact my landlord and my veterinarian (as appropriate). I agree to return the cat to Cat Tales if I am unable to keep him/her.

Who We Are

Cat Tales is not a shelter, we are a network of foster homes with a common mission: to find great homes for the cats and kittens in our care.  If you are interested in adopting, please read the post carefully and email the address listed in the body of the post. If you can't find contact information, or have general questions, please email CatTalesWa@gmail.com

Come Visit Us

Cat Tales does not have a physical shelter, phone or paid staff.  All our cats are in private foster homes, so please read the post carefully to see who to contact about adopting.

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