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Who We Are

Ivana Iguana Wisdom and Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to helping exotic reptiles that are abandoned, abused or stray with the goal of finding them new homes. This organization is also licensed in the field of wildlife rehabilitation, working with small mammals and reptiles with the goal of returning them back to their native habitat. Ivana Iguana runs several educational programs on wildlife and exotic reptiles, from children's workshops to trainings on rescuing and handling pet reptiles during disasters.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a new pet can be a rewarding experience. Before you bring home a new friend from Ivana Iguana, we'll want to be sure you're aware of the kind of commitment a reptile requires. Each species has specific needs around its feeding and habitat. With the best interest of our residents in mind, Ivana Iguana does not ship reptiles. The rescue is open by appointments only. If you are interested in adopting an exotic reptile, check out these pertinent documents: Our ability to adopt reptiles to forever homes is no longer limited by geography. Please contact us for more information regarding adopting a reptile from out of state. Be aware that every state has different legislature and permitting requirements regarding individual species. It is the responsibility of the prospective adopter to be aware of these limitations and requirements and present research regarding these laws to IIWR.

Rehoming a Pet

With our mission of aiding reptiles that are abandoned, abused, or stray and our current status of being at or near capacity, we have put together the following list of guidelines that will help reptile owners to independently find new and forever homes for their pets:
  1. Ask for a home visit to see where the reptile will be living
  2. Ask for a reference from the prospective owner's veterinarian. If they do not have an exotics vet, have them research practices in the area that would serve that purpose, then ascertain whether or not the prospective would bring your pet to the vet
  3. If the prospective is a renter, ask for their landlord’s contact information to make sure that reptiles would be allowed. If the pet is aquatic or semi-aquatic, make sure that having a large water-based set up would be possible
  4. Supply care sheets from valid resources regarding the habitat and diet requirements of your reptile
  5. Provide a complete history of your reptile, including food preferences, habitat likes and dislikes, and veterinary records
  6. If your pet is not being rehomed with their enclosure, assure that the new habitat is complete before transferring ownership
  7. If there are other pets or young children in the household, make the new owner aware of any possibility of interactions, which should always be supervised

IIWR makes the news!

Ivana Iguana was featured on Everything Animals with Channel 3 news. Check out this link to see the video. Thank you Rachael and Lance (the camera person) from Channel 3! It was great to meet you both.

Whoa, ho..ho....on the radio!

Ivana Iguana was even on the radio!!! Cathy Wells from Vermont, who hosts a radio show interviewing people who work with animals, asked Ivana Iguana to be on her show. It was an honor to be part of her show. Please visit Common heart, which is Cathy’s web page, and learn more about her work with animals and her radio show…..and even listen to Ivana Iguana’s segment…..at Commonheart.net

Mountain Dog Photography

If you are interested in viewing more photos of animals from Ivana Iguana and even purchasing photos of animals taken by Mountain Dog Photography please visit their website; you will see that Ivana Iguana Wisdom and Rescue has a spot in their store! Also check out Pierre Extraordinaire; a Green Iguana who is a permanent resident. Due to Kelly’s great work as a photographer she was able to show him off and he is moving onto a national competition. Thank you Kelly and Ian from Mountain Dog Photography for all the great work you do for the animals in our community!

Wish List

The following items are in high demand at Ivana Iguana. Consider giving us a call to drop off any supplies, and meet our adoptable residents in person!

Reptile Food

Habitat Supplies

Miscellaneous Supplies

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