Lyndon Dog Pound

Our Adoptable Pet List

Who We Are

The Lyndon Dog Pound has a new facility located behind the Lyndonville Agway on Route 5 in Lyndonville, VT. The new building features eight kennels, each with outdoor access and hot and cold running water. Lyndon's Animal Control Officer, Cindy Cady, picks up stray animals and occasionally takes in surrenders. These animals are housed in hopes that they will be reclaimed by their owners or, if not, are put up for adoption.

Adopting a Friend

You can adopt a cat or dog for a fee of $100.00, and the Town of Lyndon will then cover the cost of the animal's initial rabies vaccination and first distemper shot as well as the cost of spaying or neutering when participating veterinarians are used.

Come Visit Us!

Lyndon Dog Pound
Lyndonville, VT 05851
Phone: 802-626-PAWS

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