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PAWS has received great responses with the Petfinder website. Many animals lives have been saved by being placed into new homes through internet access. Having their pictures and information on the Petfinder site has given so many that all important second chance.

If you are looking for that special someone and we do not have it currently listed, email us at Give us a description of the pet of your dreams and if one comes into our system meeting your description, we will contact you.

Who We Are

PAWS is the Patrick Animal Welfare Society. A non-profit, all volunteer organization. All donations are tax-deductible. We are an unsheltered society and work with the animals that are unwanted in the county. We have fosterhomes that house, love, and socialize the animals until they are adopted. Our goal is to control pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering through education of the public and help our local shelter reduce it's euthanesia rate to nil.

PAWS can be reached by mail: P O Box 743, Stuart, VA 24171
or call 276-694-2378
Please visit our website:

Any animal adopted through PAWS must be altered prior to your taking it home. You will note 'available' dates on their write ups - this is the date they are scheduled to be altered. You may visit, and contract to adopt the animal before this date, but cannot take it that day. Our adoption fees for canines are $125 - $250, feline $65 to $100.

Adopting a friend

For fostered animals, please use the fosterhome contact information that is listed with each fostered animals information.

If you have puppies under 10 weeks of age and need placement, please email and ask about our Rescue Puppy Program. If you have the time, love and space to foster, we are actively seeking additional foster homes so that we can save more animals. PAWS will provide training, food, medical care, and adoption promotion for the animal until it is adopted. The rewards are great!!! Please call us if you would like to explore becoming a foster home. There are many other volunteer activities as well, such as screening prospective adopters, spending a day at Petsmart for an adoptathon, grant writing, etc. Just email us at


As a non-proft organization, PAWS depends on your generous gifts to further its work in assisting the animals in our community. If you would like to make a tax-deductible financial donation, checks made payable to PAWS may be mailed to: PAWS, PO Box 743, Stuart, VA 24171.If you would like to donate items, here are some ideas that would be very beneficial. Please email us at to make arrangements for us to pick-up your donated items. :
Dog & Cat Toys
Scratching Posts
Dog & Cat Beds
Cages, Pens, Carriers for Cats and Dogs
Dog & Cat Treats
S/S Dog Bowls
Dog Leashes & Collars
Flea control for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs and Cats
Identification Tags
Southern States Reliance Horse Feed Proof of Purchase Seals
Gift Certificates at area Vets to help with vaccinations & other medical expenses.
Gift Certificates at Area Gas Stations to help with Transporting Animals
Lowes Foods GreenPoints
Copy Paper (White and Colors)
File Cabinet
Misc. Office Supplies
AA Batteries for our Digital Camera

Please remember that all donations are tax deductible!!

Come Visit Us!

P O Box 743
Stuart VA 24171
PAWS: 276-694-2378 Go directly to our Pet Page Email:
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