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Process: Please complete adoption application. You can download at www.dcsir.org and follow instructions to email in the application. Once we receive a completed application someone will email you to schedule a phone interview. If we move forward, a home visit, reference checks and meet and greet are scheduled. Please be patient as DCSIR is a group of volunteers who have full-time jobs and dedicate their free time to caring for and placing these wonderful dogs!

Who We Are

 DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DCSIR) is a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to rescue, foster, vet and train neglected, homeless, abandoned and stray Shiba Inus. It also works with owner surrenders to help keep Shibas in their current home or to foster and rehome via its extensive adoption process. DCSIR is committed to prioritizing the intake and placement of Shiba Inus in the immediate DC metropolitan area and may assist in the rescue effort for Shiba Inus and mixed breeds across the east coast as circumstances allow.

DCSIR is a community-oriented rescue which strives to educate pet owners about positive behavior training, healthy nutrition and alternative health care, primitive breed temperament and the importance of spaying/neutering.

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Visit us online at:  http://www.dcsir.org,

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