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Our featured cat is . . . Shadow

Shadow is a black tabby with a top coat of black fur and a bottom coat of white, and his fur is very soft. He has beautiful green eyes. He is almost five years old and is very sweet. He is still a little skittish from his early life as an outside cat. He follows his foster mom from room to room so that he doesn’t ‘lose’ her. He also asks (with a bit of a squeak) for attention, either to play or eat; in fact, he loves company and being pet while he eats. He likes sleeping with his foster mother and rolls around in the bed on occasion. He might also benefit from some outside time if the location of his new home is safe and he is supervised.He likes to brush up against his foster mom and flops down beside her when he wants kitty massages. He is looking for a forever home, preferably with another cat. His adoption fee is $50

About Cat Haven
Cat Haven is a small, 501(c)(3) rescue and adoption group for cats and kittens. We take in stray, abandoned, and homeless cats and kittens as well as some that are sent to us from vets, TNR groups, other rescue groups, and shelters. We place them in loving foster homes where they are well taken care of until they are adopted. They are free roaming cats in their foster homes; they are not in cages.

Having pets brings joy to one's life, and the rewards of sharing your home with them is great. Bringing a pet into your home is a major decision that has a large impact upon your life. Pets require your time, patience, love, attention, and financial commitment. When considering adopting a pet, please give it the thought and planning that it deserves. When you are ready to adopt one or more cats or kittens, let Cat Haven help you. We will find the right cats or kittens for you, your family, and your home. If you already have a pet, we will find you a cat that is compatible with the pet that you already have.

Love cats but cannot make a big commitment at this time? Consider fostering! Fostering is fun and rewarding. You need to give the foster cat or cats a lot of love and attention, feed them, and play with them. That's it! It involves no other "work" and no expense aside from food and litter. Please contact Cat Haven for more information if you would like to share your home with one to three foster cats. They will be very grateful.

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