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Who We Are

The Highland SPCA was founded in 1996 by a group of dedicated animal-lovers to operate Highland County's animal shelter and try to get homes for some of the animals. We've had a great success rate, thanks to our members and volunteers. Funding comes entirely from membership fees, donations, and sales from the Attic--a unique collection of donated items to benefit the SPCA, housed in the log cabin on Spruce Street in Downtown Monterey. The Attic is truly a community effort to save lost and abandoned animals. Happy endings are possible, and the Highland SPCA has connected many, many animals with loving, forever families.

Adopting a friend

Thank you for inviting one of our orphaned animals into your home. Adoption is by application only. Applications can be picked up either at the Highland SPCA or the Attic in downtown Monterey. They are also available via email. When requesting an application, please write "about a shelter animal" in the subject line. Adoption fees are: Dogs-$25.00, Cats and kittens--FREE at this time. Puppies (up to four months)--$50.00. Adopters are charged a refundable spay/neuter fee and given a spay/neuter certificate which must be returned to us with a vet's signature within 30 days of adoption. We will confirm with the vet. This is part of our contract. The spay/neuter fee is $50.00 for out-of-state adopters of unaltered dogs. For example, the out-of-state-fee for adopting a puppy is $100.00. $50.00 is refundable upon receipt of signed certificate and phone confirmation by the vet. Inquiries are welcome, but we cannot reserve animals. Adoption preference is given on a first come-first served basis. If you cannot pick up your pet within three days of approval, we will charge a small shelter fee ($5.00/day). *Unless an commitment is made to pick up the animal at a later date and the shelter fee is received*, the animal will be put up for adoption again after seven days. If you still want that animal, you must reapply.

Adoption Application:  Please complete, copy, paste and email to highlandspca@htcnet.org






Are you interested in a___DOG or a____CAT? Specific animal’s (shelter) name: ___________________

Applicant Name________________________________________

Co-Applicant Name______________________________________(Relationship:  spouse, friend, roommate, etc.)________________________________________

Mailing or street address______________________________Apt#_____City____________


Driver’s license #_____________________State of Issue___________Birth date__________

Home Phone___________Work Phone____________Cell____________Email_____________


Check all that apply: I want a pet for____FAMILY___GIFT___PROTECTION____HUNTING

Check all that apply: I _____HAVE A JOB____AM A HOMEMAKER____AM A STUDENT

If you are a student, what is your current year of enrollment______________________


How many adults live in your household_____How many children_____How old are the children_________

Is anyone in your household allergic to cats or dogs?__________________________________

If yes, please tell us wh is allergic to which animals____________________________________

Do you ____RENT____OWN


How long have you lived at your present address________________________________

If you rent, do yo have your Landlord’s or management company’s permission to have a pet?___

IF YOU RENT, WE WILL NEED TO CONTACT YOUR LANDLORD OR MANAGEMENT COMPANY. Please provide telephone number________________

Please provide telephone number of your veterinarian__________________

Are all current pets up-to-date in their vaccinations?________(Out of town applications will not be processed without a veterinarian contact.)

Are all current pets spayed/neutered?___

Have you ever had to give up a pet?_______

If yes, where did you take it?______________________________________________________

Where will your new pet be kept during the day?______________________________________

Where will it sleep at night?______________________________________________________

How long will it be left alone each day?______________________________________________

How and where will it be confined? _________________________________________________

If you’re interested in a dog, how will you exercise it?__________________________________

How often?____________________________________________________________________

Please describe the areas where the dog would get exercise_______________________________

Who will be the MAIN care giver of this animal?_______________________________________

How would you have your new pet cared for during absences and vacations?_________________ How much per year do you think it will cost to take care of this pet?_______________________

I am willing and financially able to make the necessary financial commitment to care for a pet by providing veterinary care, including routine vaccinations, and proper nutrition for the life of the pet.____YES____NO

I am fully prepared to make the commitment of time to care for a pet by providing training, regular exercise, grooming, and human interaction for the life of the pet.___YES____NO

I understand that the pet can live fifteen years or longer. After giving very careful consideration to all responsibilities of pet ownership and my future lifestyle commitments, I would be able to take care of a pet for its entire life span.____YES____NO

I certify that the above information is correct, and I understand that the Highland SPCA has a right to verify this information.


Please bring your completed submission to our office at the Attic (128 Main Street, Monterey) or at the Highland County Animal Shelter. Electronic submission of this form will serve as signature.

Fees and rules for adoptions are as follows:

$50.00/puppy (until four months old)

$25.00/adult dog


All out of state adoptions require a refundable fee of $50.00. When spay/neuter certificate is returned from vet and spay neuter is confirmed by phone, fee will be refunded.

Applications will be reviewed by three board members. This may take up to three days. Once application is accepted and the adopter is contacted, the animal must be picked up by an agreed-upon time. If the animal is not picked up within three days from that time, it may be released to another successful applicant. The animal may be released only by the shelter manager.




Come Visit Us!

Come to the intersection of US 250 and Spruce Street (Route 636), turn south and drive about 3/4 mile. Go past the Highland Center (stone building on the right) and up a steep hill to Airport Terrace Road. Turn right and follow the road to the landfill. (Shelter is behind the landfill). Please call for an appointment before coming. (540)468-3405

Highland SPCA
Highland County Animal Shelter

Monterey, VA 24465
Phone: (540) 468-3405



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