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The Madison County Animal Shelter is operated as a pound. The county's animal pound consists of facilities operated by the county for the purpose of impounding, or haboring seized, stray, homeless, abandoned, or unwanted animals.

Please keep in mind that our PetFinder website is updated as often as we can! Therefore, if you plan to visit an animal listed on PetFinder, please call our shelter first to ensure the animal's availability. Also, if you have a question about an animal, a phone call is a lot quicker and will allow for a more accurate response! Thank you for all of your support!

Our adoption process involves just a few simple steps. We have adoption paperwork to fill out, as well as fees to pay (as listed below). Also, every feline and canine that leaves our shelter via adoption must be spayed or neutered before it can go. This is included in our adoption costs, as well as up-to-date shots! By law, there is a waiting period that we must abide by, before we can allow an animal to be adopted, as well as the time it takes to spay or neuter the animal. Please contact us for more details about our adoption process or with any other questions!

Come visit us! We love visitors!

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