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Summer is here and with it comes the warm weather, fleas and ticks, please see your vet for flea and tick prevention, there are many diseases that these little creatures carry which can cause your pets health to be in danger, also be sure that your animal has plenty of shelter from the outside elements, if your animal is outside make sure they have pleanty of shade and try to keep their water cool . Many puppies and kittens are born this time of year! To prevent these babies from being homeless and ending up in animal shelters please spay or neuter your pet! For more information on low cost spaying and neutering please contact the Bedford humane society at 540-586-6100 or your local animal shelter

We are going through some changes at the shelter. we will soon have a meet and greet room for possible adopters. If you are interested in adopting an animal please come by and take a look. If you are missing a pet, we are not required to post them on this site while on stray hold or available for adoption, so your best bet is to come by and fill out a lost report and bring a picture if you have one. Also it is a good idea to come look at what we have in the building. It is not a good idea to call and ask if your dog is here because of people's description of animals can be different to each person. You can also look at the Friends Of Bedford County Animal Shelter Facebook page for our adoptable and stray animals as well, but also they are not required to post any animal of ours, they do it as a courtesy. "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great launguage" ~Martin Buber~ " Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eys!" ~Unknown. "The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how the regard animals!"


If you are thinking about adding an addition to your family in the form of a dog or cat, please look into ADOPTION first. We have several dogs & cats of all sizes & breeds just waiting to find their forever home. I'm sure we could find the perfect fit for your home!

The Bedford County Animal Shelter is seeking HELP from rescue organizations to place animals in loving homes. PLEASE join us! We ask that any rescue organizations interested in helping us place homeless animals to please provide documentation that their organization is lawful and ethical. Also volunteers are needed to help care for the animals. If interested please call us at 540-586-7690 or fax your information to 540-586-0714. Your help is desperately needed. The Bedford County Animal Shelter is Hosting an adoption and family fun day on May 17th come join us and see the many animals and attraction we will have, to list a few. Happy Tails Family Fun Day- May 17th 10am-3pm off of Falling Creek Road, on 1257 County Farm Road Bedford Va live music by Panini Brothers- A rabies clinic from 10am-12- food vendors- bouncy house- coloing contest- face painting, agility for pets Bring the family and pets - fun for the whole family!!!

Adopting a friend

It is the law to have your pet vaccinated for rabies and to obtain a dog license, to obtain a dog license you will need to take your rabies vaccination certificate to your local treasure office. Please come by and visit us if you have LOST a pet or are interested in ADOPTING a pet, not all lost and adoptable pets are posted on petfinders due to time and animal behavior issues. Bedford County Animal Shelter has a $60 adoption fee for dogs and a $40 adoption fee for cats. This fee will go toward having your dog or cat spayed or neutered when you use one of the county's Participating vets. We require that you have your pet spayed or Neutered within thirty (30) days, and that you have it vet checked and vaccinated for rabies within ten (10) days and purchase city or county dog tags. Thats all you have to do to have a great companion.

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Please understand we will not allow anyone other then staff in the facilty before we open
Operational OPEN Hours: Tuesday & Friday 2:00-7:00
Wednesday & Thursday 12:00-5:00 Saturday 10:00-2:00 Sunday & Monday CLOSED hours.
Bedford County Animal Shelter
1307 Falling Creek Rd
Bedford, VA 24523
Phone: 540-586-7690
Fax 540-586-0714

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