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Adopting A Friend

Petersburg Animal Care and Control does NOT charge an adoption fee, however, we do require that all animals be spayed or neutered prior to leaving our facility.  The cost of the spay/neuter is paid for by the adopter.


What to bring to with you when you come:

  • Virginia Drivers License or Identification with your picture on it.
  • Proof of Current Address

Adoption Process:

  • Sign in our visitor book upon arrival
  • Leave your cell phones/cameras, ect in your vehicle or at the front counter. Remember that we do not permit cameras beyond our lobby.
  • Wait to be escorted by one of our Staff or Volunteers
  • We ask that you do not put your hands in or near the kennels during the tour.  If you are interested in a specific animal and would like to visit with him/her, let the Staff/Volunteer know and he/she will arrange for you to go to our meet and greet area to spend one on one time with the animal.
  • Once you have you have found the animal that steals your heart, let the Staff/Volunteer know and you will be given an adoption application.
  • Return the completed application along with your photo id, (which will be copied and attached to the application)
  • Your application will be processed within a reasonable amount of time, usually 72 hours.
  • Upon approval you will be required to pay for the spay/neuter and an appointment will be made.
  • Depending upon where you choose to have your animal spayed/neutered, you will either pick your new pet up at Animal Control or directly from the Veterinarian Facility.
  • All other fees charged by the Veterinarian facility will be the responsibility of the adopter such as Rabies Shots if the animal has not been vaccinated prior.

*Subject to Change without notification*

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We welcome visitors!

We are open to the public during the following times:





Saturday 1-3

However, if you need to visit us at other times please call us at (804) 732-3654 to make sure that we are in!



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