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Updated November 2014

Weasel Wares Ferret Boutique

Stuff for the choosy ferret & their ferrents

Come see some of the adoptable ferrets from the shelter every weekend at Happy's Flea Market, 5411 Williamson Road, Roanoke, VA, booth #73. At the booth you'll find ferret supplies and select offerings for the ferret enthusiast as well. Many of our items can be found at the larger chain pet stores but we offer them at a more affordable price.
Some items are "One of a Kind" so if you see something you like when shopping here get it then. The goal is to provide local ferrets with quality products at a fair price. Any profits from sales & all donations dropped in the "Ferret's Wish" jar will go to support the ferrets at the Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice.

The Story Behind the Booth

In our infant years the club would hold yard sales as a way to help financially support the Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice. The shelter would use the funds to feed, house, & provide medical attention for the ferrets in their care. As the years passed the shelter was able to get discounts from a couple suppliers & started offering ferret supplies & food to the club members, at a substantial savings. To offer the savings to a larger number of local ferret owners as well as offer a public access point of contact for anyone interested in gaining more information about the proper care for the domestic ferret, the booth at Happy's was rented. A nice benefit of the booth is it allows us to promote the club & the shelter to a wider audience and gives us a public venue to host meetings, continue to grow our membership, & to showcase some of the adoptable ferrets from the shelter.

Now offering tag sale items!

In an effort to reach more than just ferret owners we now have tag sale finds.
Proceeds continue to fund the efforts of the Big Lick Ferret shelter & Hospice.

Shelter location & general stuff

We do not have a public access site and house our ferrets in private foster homes in Roanoke, Virginia. To schedule an appointment please send an email to: meet the ferrets.
While our goal is to place all the fur kids in our care WE DO NOT SHIP FERRETS! The prospective adopters must live in the Roanoke Valley and visit with the ferret to assure a good match. If there are other ferrets in your household we will schedule a follow up meeting for you to bring them to meet each other. We do require proof of current vaccines and ADV test results before the "play date" takes place.

Current Status

Updated November 2014

Due to the large number of ferrets currently in our care we are not able to accept any new surrenders until further notice. We have many older ferrets looking for sponsors to help with their care. These furkids are over 5 years old and most folks don't want to take on a ferret that may only be around for another year or so. We have pledged to care for them until the time they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. We have a sponsorship program in place designed to help with their continuing care. To help them a donation in their name will gladly be accepted at Roanoke Animal Hospital, 2814 Franklin Rd., Roanoke, VA 24014. Please specify that you would like to make a donation to the Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice account.
Or a donation can be sent to our PayPal Sponsor a Ferret Program:

Who & Where Are We?

The Big Lick Ferret Shelter and Hospice is located in Roanoke, VA & was formed in November '04. We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to helping local domestic ferrets by providing respite to them while they wait for their forever homes. All ferrets under the care of the Big Lick Ferret Shelter and Hospice are medically assessed for conditions as related to ferrets, are ADV tested, & vaccinated against rabies and distemper upon intake if medical records are not available.

If a ferret is sick, veterinary care is provided before any placement. Should a ferrets' health or age render them not a candidate for adoption, we care for that ferret until he or she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. We NEVER put a ferret to sleep because we could not find him/her a home. We also offer information for educating the public in the proper care and treatment of ferrets.

Adopting a ferret from the Big Lick Ferret Shelter & Hospice

WE DO NOT SHIP FERRETS, so please do not ask.

As part of our process we require a home visit of all adoption candidates so you must live within a 30 mile radius of the Roanoke Valley.

Adoption process: We require that those wishing to adopt from us start the process by coming by the shelter education & fundraising booth (Weasel Wares) or by attending a meeting of the Star City Ferret Club, our sister organization. For meeting dates, times, & locations, please visit: club meetings
At the booth or at one of the meetings you will be given an adoption application. Once your application is reviewed we will schedule the next step in the adoption process, the home visit. This is required of all adoption candidates and must be completed before an adoption will be granted. During the home visit we conduct our Ferret Proofing service to assist with areas of concern in the prospective adoptive home.
This process may seem complex, but we need to be sure we find the perfect home for the ferrets in our care. They've already been displaced once, sometimes multiple times, and we want to make sure their next home is a happy forever after home.

PLEASE NOTE: all applications received will be considered; HOWEVER NOT ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE APPROVED.

We collect an adoption donations fee of $100 per ferret.

Occasionally we have bonded ferrets. Bonded ferrets are usually ferrets that are older and have lived with each other their entire lives. Separating any bonded ferrets is NOT an option. It is not uncommon for separated ferrets to grieve to the point of death. It is for this reason we will not separate any bonded ferrets.

For additional information, send an email to: Adoption info request.

"How can I meet the ferrets?"

As mentioned above we do not have a public access site so appointments are necessary.

The quickest way to start the process is by coming by the shelter education & fundraising booth (Weasel Wares) or by attending one of the monthly meetings of the Star City Ferret Club.

Our main goal is finding forever homes for our fur kids and welcome any opportunity to show them off!

If adoption is not an option for you at this time, please consider sponsoring one of the seniors in our care. A donation as little as $20 a month will help keep an oldster in kibble & snackies for 30 days. The hospice cases in our guardianship are medically challenged and in need of sponsors as well. Any donations toward their care is deeply appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and hope you can find your ferret friend among the fuzzies in our care.
Big Lick Ferret Shelter and Hospice
Contact Information

Shelter Director & Foster Mom:
Debbie Saunders
Send email to: Debbie

Adoption info:
Send email to: Adoptions

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