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Adopting A Friend


  • Visit our Petfinder website and narrow down your search.
  • Visit us at one of our adoption events at the Reston Petsmart on Saturday.
  • Complete an application for approval of a particular cat or for preapproval if you have not narrowed your search. Contact cittypaw@aol.com for the application.
  • Allow 2-3 business days for your application to be processed.
  • Wait for notification
  • Take you new family member home if you are approved
  • Love you new cat for the rest of its life!!!


Who We Are

Feline Network Rescue INC is an all volunteer, 501C3 cat rescue organization located in Northern VA. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and most work full time in unrelated jobs. But we all share a common love of cats and pitch in to save as many as our volunteer base can handle.

Started under the auspices of another rescue organization in 2003, Feline Network Rescue has grown to be one of the most respected groups in the area. We have no paid employees and depend on donations and adoption fees to cover our intense medical, food and litter expenses for our rescued cats and kittens.

Donations in the form of checks made out to: Feline Network Rescue INC, gift cards to Petsmart, Petco, BJ's can be mailed to:

Feline Network Rescue INC

PO BOX 523452

Springfield, VA 22152

We strive to match the right cat with the right family. Our educational mission is to help you become aware of the needs of cats in our community and the needs of cats in your home. 

We advocate TNR of feral cats and will provide you with information and resources to get your colony spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

Would you like to volunteer??? We would love to add you to our family and have you share our passion for cats!!!!

We need:

  • foster homes (your home)
  • trappers (must have transportation and experience with trapping)
  • adoption event assistants on Saturday (Reston Petsmart)


Come Visit Us

Adoption events  every Saturday at the Reston VA Petsmart.

The address is 11860 Spectrum Center, Reston VA 20190.

 If you are interested in a particular cat, please email cittypaw@aol.com to request that we arrange for that cat to attend.

Some cats do not show well at the events due to the noises and the presence of dogs. In that case, we encourage you to meet those cats at their foster homes by appointment. Your application must have been submitted and preapproved for us to ask our foster parents to invite you into their home for the introduction to their fosters. We hope you understand that this is by invitation once we know we will approve your application.

Contact Feline Network Rescue, INC


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