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Feild Rescue is no longer accepting animals for placement. If you have an animal that needs placing, here is some advice:

1. Place an ad on Craig's List at http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/ and select "Post to Classified", select "community" and then "pets". Include an electronic picture of your pet and point out his most attactive qualities. Craig's List does not allow you to charge money, but when you speak to the person ask a lot of questions and YOU MUST CHARGE AT LEAST $50. The reason is, there are still people who will sell animals to laboratories for experimentation. And having to pay for animal places at least some value on him in the mind of the adopter.

2. If you have to take your animal to the shelter, make sure he has AT LEAST A DISTEMPER SHOT. Reason is, shelter air is full of respiratory germs, your animial will get sick very quickly and they will then have to kill your animal. Also, do not dump and run. Go inside and RELEASE your animal to the clerk. Reason is, then they can put your animal up for adoption right away, rather than wait 6 six days for you to return and pick him up.

3. If you are attemped to abandon your animal, keep in mind that this is illegal and is punishable by law.

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