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Emporia Greensville Humane Society, Inc. formed in May of 2004.

Our purpose is, "Standing up for all God's Animals." Our organization has rescued over 450 animals since our existance. Emporia-Greensville Humane Society, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We operate 100% from donations. We fostered through a hand full of volunteers over 100 animals. In August 2009 we moved into our 4000 plus square foot facility we built through the generosity of many business's and individuals in our community. We provide a warm and loving enviroment for all the cats and dogs we fostered. When we accept an animal we keep this animal until we find a loving home for it. Our adoption process is like most rescue organizations. We have a pre-application, where we learn about the adopting parent and then we have a legal binding contract. Our goal is find all the animals we have in our care a loving home for its life. We are looking for adoptive parents who understand this is a life time commitment they are making to this friend they are adopting. This commitment could last as much as 20 years. There are adoption fees to each animal adopted, which includes their spay or neuter and vaccines to date. . When space is available we rescue animals from our local city/county animal shetler. Almost 90% of the animals we have in our care come from the local shelters.

Our pets are just that, our pets. We are sad when we adopt them out as we all have become very attached to them, but we know they are going to the best home after their application is accepted. We do home inspections of our adoptive pets. All our animals are required to be spayed and neutered and this is to help reduce the pet population for the many un-wanted animals. If the adopting parent lives over 50 miles from EGHS there is an additional fee on the adoption .

We have been on petfinder.com since December 2004 and 95% of our adoptions come from petfinder.com. Petfinder.com brings the attention to animals from all over the country. We have been most impressed by most of the contacts made to us through this website. We have adopted as far north as Connecticut and as far south as North Carolina because of petfinder.com.

Since we are non-profit we rely on donations for the expenses of our building care and animals care. We do not have paid employees all our people are volunteers. Any and all donations are appreciated. They serve as a tax donation for you and can be mailed to: Emporia-Greensville Humane Society, Inc. 113 Baker Street Emporia, Va. 23847

Our animals can be viewed by appointment by calling 434-634-3447 (EGHS) or 434-634-3413.

We appreciate you taking the time to read about Emporia-Greensville Humane Society, Inc. and hope you will help rescue one of the many animals petfinder.com has to offer today.

Contact Information: Peggy B. Malone-President email peggy.malone.bv05@statefarm.com

Location: 113 B Baker Street Emporia, Va 23847

Phone: 434-634-3413