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...serving Maryland (MD), Washington (DC), Virginia (VA), and North Carolina (NC)
PLUS: limited bordering areas in Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE), South Carolina (SC), West Virginia (WV), and Tennessee (TN)

Our Adoptable Pets (DC and Surrounding Areas)

Our Other Adoptable Pets (NC and Surrounding Areas)

Please note that our adoption process is thorough and lengthy.
We require an APPLICATION, a brief IN-HOME VISIT and your attendance at fun EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS.
Seminar info is available at our web site.

PLEASE, only serious applicants.
Parrots are very intelligent and require a lot of attention, time, good nutrition,
appropriate toys, large living environments, and specialized medical care.

Parrots can live multiple decades(*), so anyone bringing a parrot into their lives should be prepared for many years of commitment. It is a lifestyle change. Please consider your lifestyle needs before you bring a bird into your home. But... even though there is a lot of work involved, parrots are loyal and loving companions and will stay true through good times and bad. You must be willing to give the same in return.

Who We Are

The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a non-profit all-volunteer organization. PL promotes and protects the welfare of parrots, especially those with an extensive lifespan. We provide for parrots of all types in need, and act as advocates for those without protection. Visit our website at for more information. We also sponsor great educational seminars! All are welcome! Most classes are free, although of course we always welcome donations.

Adopting a Feathered Friend

If you can offer a large or small parrot a safe and loving environment, good nutrition, and a family (of any size or configuration) to call his or her flock, then we would like to hear from you. Your patience and compassion may be required depending on each bird's individual circumstances, but every bird is truly worthwhile and special. In addition, we are always in search of nurturing and experienced people to provide foster care support -- people a bird can count on to help temporarily, until an adoptive home is found. If its not possible to give a long-lived parrot a permanent home at this point in your life, fostering may be a great option for you and the parrots who need a safe place to land.

Adoption/Foster Process

You can download Phoenix Landing's Adoption Application form in DOC or PDF format from our website. (We also use this form for Foster applicants.) A completed Application, a brief in-Home Visit, attendance at our parrot care Seminars, and an Adoption Fee are required for all adoptions. A completed Application, a brief in-Home Visit, and attendance at our parrot care Seminars is required for all foster-care placements.

(*) How long do parrots live?

A long time! With good care, even small birds like lovebirds and cockatiels can live into their teens and twenties. Small/mid-sized birds (like conures, quakers, ringnecks, and senegals) can live 30+ years or more. The large parrots (including amazons, cockatoos, eclectus, greys, and macaws) can live 50-75+ years, and some individuals may even hit triple digits. Because of this longevity, most large parrots will require multiple homes over their lifetime.
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