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Click for available dogs and pups! NEW shelter email address: westcoshelter@hotmail.com !!

UPDATE October 25, 2016 We have a new Facebook page for the shelter, www.Facebook.com/westmorelandcountyanimalshelter : Sorry we can't help you with cats or wildlife. Please leave a message and phone number where you can be reached and we will return your call. If there is a EMERGENCY, please call the Westmoreland Co. Sheriffs Department at 804-493-8066 this is for emergencys only.


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Dogs OUT OF TIME include: # , #, # , #, #, Adopting a Homeless Dog from the ShelterAs a public pound, the adoption process is quite simple: you pay a $20 fee, and sign a legal contract commiting to having the dog sterilized within 30 days (or face a $250 fine plus confiscation of the animal). Please call the shelter directly (804-493-0869) and leave a message on the machine if you are interested in learning more about or definitely want to adopt a dog or puppy on the Website.

All stray dogs taken to the shelter have a 7-day period of grace, after which Virginia State law dictates they can be euthanized (those with collars get 10 days). Surrendered dogs (those with names in our list) can go any day. The shelter works very hard to find adopters or rescues as quickly as possible. A sudden influx of dogs can fill the shelter overnight and leave the staff with no choice but to remove dogs who have been held beyond the required period. We'll put a special note on the bios for those dogs whose stay at the shelter has become one on death row. Please do not call to complain about dogs being euthanized. This is the HARDEST task the shelter staff have. They feed and pet and play with these dogs daily, but there are too many dogs, not enough homes, and not enough money (especially in a rural county like Westmoreland). They do their absolute best to get these dogs into loving homes or responsible rescues, and they want to take as few as possible to the vet for humane injection. Please make this easier by referring your friends to the Westmoreland shelter to adopt!

Because most of the dogs are picked up as strays or removed from their homes due to neglect, we have very little background on most of them ... we only know the names of a few and the medical history of even fewer. If you have a dog already, you are welcome to bring him or her with you to see if any newly adopted dog(s) would be compatible. Your dog should be up to date on all shots for their safety. The shelter has a small room available, or you can walk them outside together to see how they do. You should assume, unless otherwise noted, that all dogs must be sterilized & receive all vaccinations. You should also plan to bring a leash and often a collar unless the staff indicates that the dog has a collar. Driving directions to the shelter are provided below.

If you are driving a long distance and know when you are coming to the shelter, call first to make sure the dog or puppy is still available.

Virginia law requires that all animals adopted be sterilized. You can pay a local vet with a credit card to perform the procedure and drive to Westmoreland County to formally adopt the dog from the shelter after the surgery. No more than 2 dogs or puppies can be adopted by a family at a time.

Come Visit Us!

Westmoreland County is in the beautiful, rural Northern Neck of Virginia. Look for Route 3 on your map, which intersects Route 301, Route 95 (Fredericksburg), and Route 360 (Warsaw) ... then look for Montross (not shown on all maps) not far from the Potomac River. On the Mapquest map, the shelter is at the end of Stratford Hall Road/Route 648 (Chiltons is the intersection just before the shelter road). You can keep zooming out until you determine your best route. You can check the weather first if you like.

Directions if driving in from the west: Take Route 3 east past the Westmoreland Berry Farm, Ingleside Plantation Vineyards, George Washington's Birthplace, and Westmoreland State Park (lots of our adoptive families like to stop here to hike with their new family member!). Follow signs for Stratford Hall (Robert E Lee's birthplace). You will turn left on to Route 214 not far from the State Park (small plaza of antique shops on the corner). Stay on this road past Stratford Hall until you reach a stop sign at a four-way intersection (total distance from when you turn at Route 3 is about 7-8 miles). You will see white signs for "Westmoreland Animal Shelter". Drive straight through the intersection onto Route 648, which is a dirt/gravel road. SLOWLY (road is rutted) drive about half a mile until you reach the shelter at the end of the road.

Directions if driving in from the east/south: Take Route 3 west to Route 645 (Amoco on the corner). Turn right on Route 645 and stay on this road until you reach Route 643 (left hand turn - church on corner). Turn left on Route 643 and stay on this road until you reach a a four-way intersection, where you will make a left-hand turn onto Route 648 (you don't have a stop sign - the other three roads intersecting do have stop signs). You will see white signs for "Westmoreland Animal Shelter". Drive SLOWLY (road is rutted, gravel & dirt) to the end through the red metal gates until you reach the shelter at the end of the road.

Directions if driving from the east or west (in case you miss the first turn & find yourself in "downtown" Montross): Once in Montross, turn onto Route 622 (Polk Street) at the old Courthouse. There's a Museum on the corner, too. Go about 2 miles ... you will go down & up a hill, pass the landfill (on your right), and take a 90 degree turn without changing roads (though the name changes to Panorama Rd) ... until you reach a stop sign at a four-way intersection. You will see white signs for "Westmoreland Animal Shelter" ahead on your right. Turn right onto Route 648, which is a dirt/gravel road. SLOWLY (road is rutted) drive about half a mile until you reach the shelter at the end of the road.

The shelter is open for adoptions between 12-3 p.m. on Wednesday or Saturday or between 12-5 p.m. on Friday -- call ahead during routine hours if severe weather is forecast.

PLEASE NOTE: Shelter staff are often going out on calls to pick up strays or to recover neglected/abused dogs. The telephone number below has an answering machine, but your call may not be returned right away due to staff limitations 804-493-0869.



Donate a Bed There is always a need for puppy food and treats along with shampoes and flea dips. Shampoes for puppies that takes care of lice is a dailey use. Donations are always greatly appreciated. What a wonderful way to acknowledge someones birthday, make a donation to the shelter in their honor and a card will be sent to that person from the shelter.



DONATE A KURANDA BED TO THE SHELTER https://kuranda.com/donate/529


Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Options in Virginia & Maryland (not provided by shelter)

Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic, Fredericksburg, Virginia: 540-507-7461

Prevent-A-Litter (PAL), Richmond, Virginia: 804-359-6369


Lucky Ones, Charlotte Hall, Maryland: 301-884-2850

Well Pet Clinic, Lexington Park, Maryland: 301-866-0303

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Westmoreland County Animal Shelter
PO Box 1000
6154 Stratford Hall Road
Montross VA 22520
Shelter Phone: 804-493-0869 (leave message)

Shelter E-mail: westcoshelter@hotmail.com


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