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Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please click here. You may visit our website at


Who We Are

The Surry County SPCA has been in existence since the summer of 1993 and became incorporated on October 12, 1993. The SPCA was the brain child of long time Surry County resident, Joy Williams and was organized due to many stray dogs roaming the county, the numbers of feral cats at dumpsites, as well as the number of animals that were being found and picked up off the roadsides throughout the county. The SPCA does not run a shelter, but does have an adoption program. The SPCA consists of a small group of volunteers working for the good of animals. The SPCA believes that in order to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals in Surry County, they must assist in the effort to spay or neuter as many animals as possible. One of our goals is to educate the children of Surry County about animal care and responsibility. We provide KIND NEWS to the Surry County Elementary School, L.P. Jackson Middle School as well as Tidewater Academy Lower School. We fund educational programs for the schools as well. The Wildlife Center of Virginia has presented a program at L.P. Jackson Middle School called "A View From The Top" on birds of prey. Local educators are also hired to provide school programs on local wildlife and even pet care, with assistance from their pets. The Surry SPCA provides financial spay/neuter assistance to Surry County and Sussex County residents. We also sponser the PETA Snip Van to come to Sussex and Surry counties on an alternating monthly schedule, bringing low-cost spay/neuter to our local community. For more information, you may contact Valerie at 757-357-7939 or contact PETA at 757-622-7382. Petersburg/Colonial Heights SPCA also provides low cost spay/neuter assistance. They may be reached at 804-526-SPCA.

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Adopting a Friend

An animal shelter was opened in Surry County in June 1997. This facility is run by the County and is not affiliated with the Surry SPCA. The shelter can be reached at 757-294-0158.


We have T-Shirts for sale in sizes M, L, XL. Will try to get some photos on the site. There are 5 styles - Couch is a Terrible Thing to Waste, 2 to Tango, Adopt a Pet, Don't Litter - Spay or Neuter Your Pet, Best Friend - Dog, Best Friend - Cat.

T-shirts are $15 each. We will be happy to mail them to you for minimal cost.

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Please mail to:
Surry Co. SPCA, Inc.
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Surry, VA 23883

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Directions: Surry County is approximately 25 minutes west of Smithfield on Route 10. Surry County runs west to Prince George County and south to Wakefield, VA.

Valerie Delgado - Adoption Coordinator


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