Click here to donate a Kuranda Dog Bed to The Buchanan County Animal Shelter . They are very easy to clean and are VERY comfortable for the dogs at the shelter!

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Adopting a friend

Please stop by and check out our dogs and cats. We often have lots of puppies and kittens, and older dogs and cats with wonderful temperaments. Our staff can assist you with locating the perfect pet for you!

When you adopt a pet from the Buchanan County Animal Shelter, there is a small fee of $30 for dogs and $20 for cats. This includes a spay/neuter.

Why is it important to spay or neuter your pet? Think that if your pet is male it's not as important? Check out the info available at to see the truth.

dog addition
cat additon

Having your pets spayed or neutered helps in many different ways such as the following:
  • wandering
  • not having unwanted litters of cats or dogs
  • having less chance of disease

    We will work with rescue groups willing to pull animals from our shelter. All we ask for is proof that you are a non-profit organization and that you have never been convicted of animal cruelty.

    Our Wish List

    paper towels
    dry dog/cat food
    old/new rags
    news papers
    paper towels
    food bowls
    or any other pet supply you can think of.


    How to Help

    Do you have a love for animals but your current situation prevents you from owning one? Do you want to encourage your kids to provide community service this summer? Do you just love animals, and want to help? Then come see us! Our dogs would love to have you come walk or groom them, and our cats can always use a lap to purr in a bit. Want to get involved? Then contact the shelter at 276-935-4067.


    Come Visit Us!

    We are located on top of beautiful Hoot Owl mountain on Hoot Owl Road. Travel to the top of the mountain, and then turn onto Dog Pound Rd. We are only a short distance, on the left.
         OR YOU MAY GIVE US A CALL AT:{276}-935-4067
    Buchanan County Animal Shelter
    Grundy , VA 24614
    Phone: (276) 935-4067

    Click to see some of our Happy Tails! (adopted)

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