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Patrick County Animal Public Animal Shelter has received great responses with the Petfinder website. Many animals lives have been saved by being placed into new homes through internet access. Having their pictures and information on the Petfinder site has given so many that all important second chance.

If you are looking for that special someone and we do not have it currently listed, email us at patcopound@embarqmail.com. Give us a description of the pet of your dreams and if one comes into our system meeting your description, we will contact you.

Who We Are

We are under the jurisdiction of Patrick County, Viriginia and are located along the beautiful Mayo River at 22 Transfer Station Lane, Stuart, VA. 24171

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 1 PM til 4 PM Saturday 10 AM til noon. Other hours by appointment.

In order to reduce the stray animal population, Section 3.2-6574.. of the code of Virginia states that all dogs or cats adopted are required to be sterilized within 30 days of adoption if mature or within 30 days after the animal reaches 6 months of age. There is a $32.00 fee for dogs and $22.00 fee for cats.


All donations are welcome. We can always use th following
Dog & Cat Beds
Cages, Pens, Carriers for Cats and Dogs
Dog & Cat Treats
S/S Dog Bowls
Dog Leashes & Collars
Flea control for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs and Cats
Identification Tags
Gift Certificates at area Vets to help with vaccinations & other medical expenses.
Copy Paper (White and Colors)
File Cabinet
Misc. Office Supplies

Come Visit Us!

Patrick County Animal Pound
22 Transfer Station Lane
Stuart VA 24171
Pound Phone: 276-694-6259
Email: patcopound@embarqmail.com
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