Cat/Canine Adoption and Rescue Efforts (CARE)

7909 Wards Road • Rustburg, Virginia 24588

Phone/FAX:(434) 821-1307

Check out the Pet List! We have many more animals than are currently on the pet list, so drop us a note or give us a call if you are looking for a specific kind of little one and we don't have one listed.

Do you help us through Food Lion's Shop & Share program? If so it is time to re-link our organization to your card. Click here to find out how.

Here is our lucky list of recent adoptees!

Decker Tasha Puppy #16
Tisha Raisin 2 Fala
Mittens Puppy #17 Marlow

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Our next pet showing is scheduled soon. Come out and see our pets for adoption--all in need of homes. And as always, we have our four cages in the Luv-A-Pet adoption center at the PetsMart on Wards Road in Lynchburg. Cats in the adoption center can be adopted during regular store hours. Talk to a PetsMart associate if one of our volunteers is not there.

We love to hear about our friends and their new homes. Send us an email and let us know how they're doing! When we get enough responses we'll post them for everyone to read.

Adopting a friend

PLEASE NOTE: We have been unable to keep all our pets on the web because of high adoption rates. We do have plenty of animals availabe for adoption. If you are looking for a particular type of pet to adopt, please call and leave a message with the description of your ideal pet and a number we can reach you at, and we will gladly return your call. Or you can e-mail us, but please give us a contact number so we can call you about your request.

CARE cats can be adopted through the PetsMart store located on Wards Road in Lynchburg, VA. Any of our cats that are previously altered can be adopted by anyone age 18 or older living in any locality or state.

Unlike many shelters, our adoption fees vary. They start out at the cost of veterinary fees we pay for an animal – currently averaging $60 for altered cats and $75 for altered dogs. Often, though, the adoption fee is lower than our costs. We can do this because we accept donations toward the adoption fees of our pets. We have used this donation system for over two years now and it has proven to be very successful. It lets animal lovers help pets find homes even if they themselves cannot adopt a pet. This often decreases the amount of time an animal stays in our foster homes, which in turn allows us to rescue more animals.

We deal mostly with cats, and most all of our adult animals are spayed or neutered before being adopted. Unaltered kittens and puppies are adoptable through a spay/neuter contract. We randomly test our kitties for Feline Leukemia before they are adopted, and usually at least one kitten in a litter (or the mother) is tested. Keep in mind that with each adoption we are able to rescue another. Our animals are not put on a time limit – once we rescue them they stay with us for whatever time it takes to find them homes!

How You Can Help


We currently need cat lovers to help with the daily maintenance of our four cat cages located at the Lynchburg PetsMart on Wards Road. It only takes about an hour of your time, and you can meet other pet lovers and spend time with some amazing cats. Our non-profit organization is made up of wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to helping make a better life for the many needy, homeless animals in our area.

If you are interested, one of our volunteers will be happy to come in and show you what to do. Cleaning times are flexible – morning cleaners can arrive anytime between 8am & 2pm, and evening cleaners come in between 3:30pm & 8pm (except Sunday – PetsMart closes at 6 on Sundays). If you have an hour of free time that you would like to dedicate toward a worthy cause please call us at (434) 821-1307. Please leave us your name and phone number and state that you are interested in helping at the PetsMart store.

Days Available:

Foster a Pet

If you feel you are able to provide a safe, loving, temporary home to a cat or dog please give us a call. To find out more about our needs click here, or you can call or email us if you are interested.

Sponsor a Pet

Online Donations
1. Enter a pet's name
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3. Click the button to go to PayPal and complete your donation

If you like one of our pets but are unable to provide a home for him or her, you can make a donation that will specifcally lower that animal's adoption fee. We accept donations several ways:

Remember to include the name of the pet if you want to direct your donation. Since we are a non-profit organization your donation is tax deductible. Of course, we also accept donations that are not directed toward a particular animal, and we are glad to take donations of food or supplies, too!

Food Lion's Shop & Share Program

Lion Shop & Share is an easy and convenient way to help us financially. Each time you shop at Food Lion and use your MVP card, Food Lion will donate a portion of your total grocery purchase to CARE. All you need to do is register your MVP Card. If you are already registered, you can change your selected organization to CARE. To choose CARE from either link below select VA / RUSTBURG / CAT CANINE ADOPTION & RESCUE EFFORTS INC.


We have recently installed a new "FENCE" for our rescue group to show dogs and puppies that are available for adoption. It is located right next to our sign on 29, just past the Yellow Branch School. Dogs that are available for adoption may be seen here during weekday afternoons. Call us a day ahead of time so we will expect yor visit. 434-821-1307

We would like to thank J & B FENCING CO. for helping us with the goal of installing a fence for our rescued dogs.

Who We Are

CARE, Inc. is a small, dedicated group of volunteer animal rescuers and care-givers that holds high standards for reducing the over population of unwanted animals in our area. We do not consider ourselves a shelter organization – we would rather be called a foster network.

Unlike most shelters or humane organizations, we are able to limit our intake of animals. This enables us to be considered a no-kill organization. Many of our animals are fostered in our volunteers' homes before they are ready to be adopted.

CARE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization.

Come Visit Us!

You can visit some of our adoptable cats at the PetsMart in Lynchburg, VA, located at Wards Crossing Shopping Center on Wards Road. If you are interested in more information on one of our kitties, please feel free to e-mail or phone us.

Cat/Canine Adoption and Rescue Efforts, Inc. (CARE)

7909 Wards Road
Rustburg, VA 24588
Phone:(434) 821-1307
Fax:(434) 821-1307

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