Clarke County Animal Shelter

225 Ramsburg Lane Berryville, VA 22611
(Phone):540-955-5104 (Fax):540-955-5115

Who we are

The Clarke County Animal Shelter is a government run, "open door admission" shelter.
"Open door admission" means we receive animals regardless of their behavior, health or
level of adoptability, and that we do not turn away any UN-wanted or stray animals from
the towns and unincorporated communities of Berryville, Boyce, Millwood, White Post,
Waterloo, Calmes Neck, Frog Town, and parts of Bluemont. We are not considered a
no-kill shelter. The shelter takes in roughly 900 animals a year, with the totals growing
each year. We take GREAT pride in both: Keeping the shelter clean and inviting and
giving the animals in our facility the greatest love, care and attention as possible. The
shelter has 11 kennels for adoptable dogs. 11 kennels for stray dogs. 2 kennels for
nursing dogs. 2 kennels for the quarantine dogs. We have a main cat room that can
hold 14 cats for adoption. A cat condo that can house 5-6 cats. Stray cat room that can
hold 14 stray cats. Cat isolation room that can house 8 cats. This is all managed by two full
time employees and a few volunteers. Along with a small facility comes a small budget.
Our local Humane foundation helps us with the unexpected and emergency vet bills.
And for spaying and neutering of the shelter animals. If you would like to help? Be a
regular donor! Your donations will help with the present and future care of the animals
at our shelter.The Clarke county humane foundation: Po Box 713 Berryville, VA 22611.

Shelter Hours

Open 7 days a week. Closed on Holidays.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8am to 4pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8am to 3:30pm

Subject to change if one of us is on vacation

The shelter will be closing on these holidays:

2017 Holiday closure schedule

Memorial Day Monday, May 29
Independence Day Monday, July 3
Independence Day Tuesday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, September 4
Columbus Day Monday, October 9
Veteran's Day Friday, November 10
Thanksgiving Wednesday, November 22, close at noon
Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23
Thanksgiving Friday, November 24
Christmas Friday, December 22, close at noon
Christmas Monday, December 25
Christmas Tuesday, December 26

Even though the shelter is closed to the public on holidays,
Shelter staff will be in each day to care for the animals.

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For Low Cost Spay & Neutering
please call the following places

Pet Neuter.Org. (In Stephens City) 540-868-0000
Spay Today at 304-728-8330

Rabies Clinic

Tractor Supply Company / Pet Vet Clinic
150 Getty Ln.
Winchester, VA 22603
(540) 535-0058

Days and Times
Saturday May 06, 2017 from 9:30am until 11:00am
Saturday May 20, 2017 from 9:30am until 11:00am
Saturday June 03, 2017 from 9:30am until 11:00am
Saturday June 17, 2017 from 9:30am until 11:00am
Saturday July 01, 2017 from 9:30am until 11:00am

Canine Vaccinations:
Rabies $19
5-in-1 (DA2P + Parvovirus) $33
Bordetella $33
Leptospirosis (4-way) $33
Lyme $33
CIV (H3N8 or H3N2 Influenza) $33
Rattle Snake $33

Feline Vaccinations:
PureVax Rabies $33
3-in-1 (FVRCP) $33
Feline Leukemia (FeLV) $33

Additional Services
Microchip Pet ID (Includes Lifetime Registration) $19
FeLV/FIV Test $35 Parvo/Distemper Titer $65
Rabies FAVN Titer (*Please Call in Advance) $255
Roundworm Deworm $19
Tapeworm Deworm From $29
Heartworm/Lyme Combo Test $31
Fecal Test (Intestinal Parasite Screening) $25
Domestic Health Certificate (*Please Call in Advance) From $75

Important phone numbers to have

Clarke County Non-Emergency / Animal Control: 540-955-1234
Clarke County Animal Shelter: 540-955-5104
Roseville Vet Clinic: 540-837-1334
Plaza Pet Clinic: 540-722-3200
Battletown Animal Clinic: 540-955-2171
Loudoun County Animal Shelter 703-777-0406
Loudoun County Animal Control (703) 777-0406
Briggs Animal Adoption Center 304-724-6558
Hillside Vet 304-728-2203
Jefferson County Humane Society 304-725-0589
Jefferson County Animal Control 304-728-3289
Valley Veterinary Emergency Referral Center: (Winchester VA) 540-662-7811
Winchester SPCA: 540-662-8616
Winchester Non-Emergency / Animal Control: 540-662-4131
Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter: 540-667-9192
Frederick County Non-Emergency / Animal Control: 540-662-6162
Warren County Humane Society: 540-635-4734
Warren County Non-Emergency / Animal Control: 540-635-4128 410-908-6374

Do you have your pet ready for an emergency?

What you need for each of your pets:

Medications (2 weeks' supply, Remember, medications need to be rotated out of your
emergency kit every two months, otherwise it will become out dated.)
Recent photos and copies of health / shot records and microchip information for your
pets in a waterproof container
Pet food (dry food, canned food & can opener if needed), at least one week's supply
(Remember, food needs to be rotated out of your emergency kit
every two months; otherwise it will become out dated.)
Bottle Water (for at least one week) (replace every two months)
Flashlight (with new batteries)
Pet Food/water dishes
Pet first aid kit
Pet carrier(s) with ID tag
Extra collar / harness / ID tags / leash
Waste disposal bags (dogs)
Litterbox and litter / scooper (cats)
Toys and chew treats.

Volunteering Opportunities

The shelter has enough volunteers at this time

Click on the picture to order and donate a Kuranda cat or dog bed
to an animal at the Clarke County Animal Shelter

Pet of the Week
"Boots & Bubba"

This brother and sister duo came in on 4-30-17.
Their family brought them in when they couldn't take care of them anymore.
They are 2 years old and spayed / neutered and love to be brushed.
They are very sweet but hiss and cry loudly when they are scared.
They have always been inside cats and together their whole lives.
We would love to find a home that would keep them together.
When we put them in the cat condo they were so scared they shared
a soft fuzzy cat bed together. They love each other.
They both tested NEG for FeLV & FIV on 12-18-14. Their one year Rabies
shot expired on 4-30-17. They are both scared here and hiding.
But soon we hope they feel comfortable and come out to greet everyone
These two are very sweet when you are lovin on them. Bubba even starts
to drool. Please help find them a home together.

Click Here to Sponsor a Pet!

If you would like to help with the homeless animals at the shelter???
But can't bring any more home! You can now donate to have one
spayed or neutered and placed back up for adoption. This will
make the animal more calm and can help with some of the
behavioral problems that is stopping him or her from being adopted.

Just click on the "Sponsor a pet" link above. print the form out.
Fill the form out and mail it to us with a check to cover the amount
of your choice. We will spay or neuter an animal at our shelter
with your donation and a card will be placed on that animals cages
letting the world know you are the person or family that has
sponsored that animal.

Monetary donations can be sent to:

The Clarke County Humane Foundation, P.O. Box 713 Berryville, VA 22611.

The Clarke County Humane Foundation is paying for cats and dogs
ADOPTED from the Clarke County Animal Shelter to "Clarke County
residents" to be altered and assisting with the altering fee of cats
and dogs ADOPTED from the Clarke County Animal Shelter to residents
living in a county that borders Clarke County. They also help pay for
emergency surgeries and needed vet care for the animals living at the
animal shelter. Please be a sponsor and donate to the Clarke County
Humane Foundation. Thank you.

We need flea medication:
Frontline Plus or Advantix II
For Both Cats and Dogs

Purina Kitten and Purina Puppy Chow,
Can Cat and Can Dog Food,
Dry Cat and Dry Dog Food,
Urinary Tract Cat Food,
Grain Free Dog Food,
Cat Litter (all kinds),
Cat & Dog Beds,
Cat and Dog Treats & Cat and Dog Toys,
Puppy & Kitten Replacement Powder Milk,
Front Line Plus / Advantix II; for Both Cats and Dogs,
Paper Towels & Windex,
Laundry Detergent & Dish Soap,
Bleach & Pine-sol,
Blankets, Comforters,Towels and Wash Clothes,
Scrubber Sponges,
Latex Gloves (large),
Large Heavy Trash Bags,
Large & Small Plastic Litter Boxes,
Large & Small Plastic Dishes and Heavyweight Crocks
Gift Cards to Walmart, Pet Co and Pet Smart.

Up Coming Events

Adoption Process:

Stop in to visit with the animal of your choice.
Fill out an adoption application and spay / neuter agreement.
If you rent or live with someone we need landlord letter approving adoption OR
Proof from the homeowner you are living with that it is okay to adopt.
If you own your own home, we need proof of home ownership.
(personal property tax papers,etc,)
If you are looking to adopt a dog and you have other dogs at home.
You will need to bring your dogs in to meet the new dog.
If the adoption takes place. The newly adopted shelter animal
will not be able to go home until we can transport to our vet to be
spay /neutered. The adopter will pick up from our vet (Roseville Vet).
If the shelter pet is already spayed / neutered, it will go home
after all adoption paperwork and payment is completed.
All adoption fees are $25.00.
Spay / neuter fees are:
If you live in a county that borders Clarke county you will have to pay 50%
of the spay / neuter. If you live in another state or county pass the counties
that border, then you pay 100% of the spay / neuter. If you live in Clarke county
then the Clarke county humane foundation pays 100% of the spay / neuter.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are $25.00 for all animals adopted for the Clarke County Animal Shelter.
We only except CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS for shelter fees.
Cash is accepted for donation.

Animals at our shelter that are under 4 months of age CAN NOT be adopted to families over
one and a half hours away. Those animals are required to be brought back at the age of
6 months to be altered at OUR VET and this is becoming a problem. The rest of our animals
CAN NOT be adopted out over 2 hours away.
Thank you...


Coming from Winchester on Rt. 7, take business 7 into Berryville.
Take a right onto Westwood road.
Take right onto Ramsburg lane.
Coming from Loudoun County on Rt. 7 take a left onto west main / Business Rt 7.
Once on business 7, Take a right onto Westwood road. Take a right onto Ramsburg lane.
Coming from Rt. 340, turn left onto west Main Street.
Take a left onto Westwood. Take a right onto Ramsburg lane.


Pet Adoption

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