Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc

Who We Are

The Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue group covers the states of Maryland, N. Va, DE and WV. Visit our website at http://www.mdgsprescue.org. We are a 501c3 non profit rescue dedicated to finding homes for German Shorthaired Pointers who have become homeless by no fault of their own. These rescues could be from animal shelters or turned in by owners. We take care of their needs and find them good & loving homes.

Adopting a friend

Mid-Atlantic keeps a list of people looking for a rescue along with the criteria provided. To get placed on this list fill out the Adoption Application at our website (listed above). All of our applicants are screened, a home check is done and a vet/other reference is requested. We want to ensure the dog is adopted by a loving home which is able to care properly for the dog. ALL of the rescues are either spayed or neutered before placement. They also go to their new homes having annual shots, a rabies vaccine, a heartworm test, on heartworm preventative meds and a microchip.

Breed Information

In general, GSP's are highly energetic, athletic dogs which are known for their endurance. They need exercise and fenced yards, or a runner in the family. Older dogs can be less active and are ideal placements with families who want a calmer pet. They like to self-hunt and, unless they have grown up with cats, can be cat sharp. Ideal placement is with a family who can provide the animal with attention. They have at times been described as velcro because they can be quite clingy and are extremely affectionate by nature. GSP's are devoted, often to the point of dependency. GSP's from sheltered situations do not generally do well with avid hunters. They should be placed as house pets. Obedience training is strongly recommended. Do not expect a dog that just lays around when you adopt a GSP. Many GSP's are given up to shelters and rescue because they can have high levels of energy.

Volunteering and Donations

Volunteers who rescue GSPs depend entirely on the generosity of GSP lovers and dog lovers in general. Your tax-deductible donation will defray the cost of neutering/spaying, vaccinations, treatment for heartworm disease, heartworm preventative medication, needed surgery and the like. Through your generosity, the Rescue's volunteers can continue to foster, provide veterinary care for, and place GSPs each year. Your financial contributions are essential. Keep in mind, however, that foster homes are also needed as the Rescue group attempts to "save" even more precious GSP lives. Please help us to continue our effort to place these wonderful dogs into new loving homes. If you send an e-mail to the following address, we will send you the address of the GSP Rescue Treasurer. Thank you in advance...for your interest in GSPs and for any help you can provide us. Help us to help those wonderful GSPs!
Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc
Foster homes in Maryland, Virginia and
Arlington, VA
Email: mdgsprescue@yahoo.com
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