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Adopting a German Shepherd Dog via Virginia German Shepherd Rescue is a process that involves VGSR volunteers interviewing the prospective adopting individual or family to determine the conditions under which the potential new family member will be living. Questions can include things such as working hours of the adopter(s), who will care for the dog, training, experience with GSD's in specific, age(s) of resident children, availability of a contained/safe yard, other animals in the house, etc. VGSR is not concerned with the lifestyle of the prospective adopter, per se, but is sincerely trying to find the best match of GSD to adopter and living circumstances. For example, we would not want to place a 100 pound GSD puppy with a person who would be unable to provide the GSD with the type of exercise and discipline it needs to be healthy and happy. Similarly, we would not want to place an aging GSD that has lived its life as the sole dog in a quiet home, with a family of children, knowing that this GSD has a need for quiet time. Nor would we want to place a GSD with separation anxiety in a home where the adopter is gone at work for long hours at a time. Ideally we want to place all GSDs in loving homes in which the GSD and the family will thrive together.
The process starts with the applicant filling out the adoption application after having met a specific GSD that they think will be their ideal companion. The applicant submits the application form with a non-refundable $10.00 processing fee. VGSR reviews the application, then schedules an interview and home visit during which a number of questions are asked and the home is reviewed to be sure there is a contained/safe yard, and to meet the family involved. Once the application is approved, the applicant is asked to submit a $250.00 donation to VGSR, and the adoption is completed. Please visit our Info page for more details.

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